Poland – A Great Place to Spend Your Holiday

If you are looking for a perfect summer holiday destination, European countries like Italy, Greece, Spain, France, and the UK may come in mind. Those are the usual destinations that holiday-makers go for. To get away from the usual tourist crowds, spend your holiday vacation at Poland. Get to explore the exciting and beautiful place of Poland without sacrificing your budget. With Poland’s rich history, torn apart by different factions and put back together several times, you will be awed by its fighting spirit. You will see how the fighting tore an entire area at the Warsaw city and you will also see the efforts made to restore a part of it. Another city famous for its magnificent beauty is Lodz.

The most visited place in Poland though is the Krakow (Cracow). It has a population of one million and almost the same number of tourists visit the place every year. It is where the oldest universities in Europe are located including the Jagiellonian University.

The largest medieval market square in Europe is also located in Poland which is the city centre, or town square. It is actually a World Heritage Site. The best time to go here is on weekends where you will be able to find various things from food to household items from the different markets that set up here. In the center is the Cloth Hall that originally serve as a conduit for the cloth trade, but has been modified over time. The St. Mary’s Church which is just near the town square is one of the most beautiful churches in Poland. It has an altar carved by Veit Stoss (Wit Stwosz). A bugle is played every hour in the highest tower to commemorate the Tatar raids on the city which happened in the 13th century. The Town Hall Tower, on the other hand, occupies the entire western section of the square.

The square is a great place to visit during your holidays to Poland. You can spend your day sitting there and get lost in the vibe of the city. There are also a lot of performers that have spread throughout the square. There are jugglers and musicians, and the cafes and their outdoor seating are also scattered everywhere.

Two of the places you should not also forget to visit is the royal castle and the royal route. The route starts from Matejko Square. From the square, you then go to Wawel Hill where the castle is located. The castle is a huge complex built in the year 1000. This is a place where you should really see yourself and enjoy the sight. Then buy yourself a ticket to see the dragon in an underground passage at the bottom of the hill. The dragon that breathes fire once in every minute is just actually a model. Nevertheless, its a must-see for everyone.

Karkow is a wonderful city for all people. If you want cheap holidays, there are a lot of hotels and hostels where you can stay in that offers discounts. There are also a lot of restaurants and cafes around the square where you can buy your food. You do not have to think of a boring night because the city has a lively nightlife with over 100 pubs and clubs. So expect for an all night fun in your holidays.

So for your cheap holiday plans, Poland is undoubtedly a great place to visit.

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