Quebec City Canada

Canada is a wonderful country with many popular vacations centers. Among them is Quebec City which is special due to its location and the enjoyment it offers to its many visitors. Quebec is the largest province of Canada but it has a lot of barren and thinly populated areas that allows you to spend more time with nature away from the din of the maddening crowd. It offers a great escape away from the city life and you can find peace and tranquility among its vast stretches of barren but beautiful landscape. It offers many outdoor activities and is popularly called The Land of Contrasts

Summer is the best time to visit this city of historical and economical importance. During this time you get an average temperature of 79 degrees and will be pleasantly cool with some rainfall. With this pleasant climate you will be more tempted to wander the cobble stoned streets of the old city, climb on the mountains nearby or simply go for shopping, dining or watching people around you.

You have a variety of activities to indulge in and there are many interesting places to visit while you are in Quebec City. For nature lovers there are many parks and wild life areas. The Parc National de la Jacques-Cartier is the perfect place for such outdoor activities as hiking, mini-rafting, canoeing, and yes, moose watching. Both the Portneuf and the Laurentians Wildlife Reserves are another wild escape that will help you get the feeling of with the nature with an opportunity for hunting, fishing or relaxing in the comforts of the camp or at a cabin.

Or if you are keen on bird watching you can go to tidal marshes in the Côte-de-Beaupré region. If you happen to be here during the spring you can see thousands of snow geese gathering here. For more outdoor fun you can take a trip to the shores of Lac Saint-Joseph known for its summer outdoor activities like swimming, climbing, and canoeing. While in the winter you can have the activities like snowshoeing, ice fishing and dog sledging, etc

For the history and art freaks, Quebec City offers many interesting places like the 4.6 kilometers of walled fortifications around Old Quebec, or the Artillery Park where you will be welcomed by people in 17th and 18th century clothes to defensive buildings, or walk round the “Gibraltar of the Americas” on Cape Diamond. You can also see the Royal 22e Regiment Museum. The multimedia exhibition that helps you relive the city’s history can be seen at the Odyssey and you can also visit the wonderful Battlefields Park.

Quebec City is a rare combination of an ancient history and a modern metropolis that offers something for everyone who comes to stay in this great city. With all of these interesting places to visit you will find that Quebec City provides you with a fabulous vacation destination. So the next time you are in the mood for a relaxing holiday you should remember the beauty and wonderful places that you can visit while you are in this jewel of Canada.

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