Rain Chamber At Envisys Technologies

The rain water or wet penetrating through a leak within the case will typically extend to the circuit card and result in failure of the instrumentality. This drawback is often encountered with external equipments and devices throughout storage, usage or transportation during a rainy weather.

The standardized styles are often organized for the rain/spray tests you would like, eliminating the estimate in shopping for a chamber. The system relies on the information science and SAE specification needs used for natural philosophy, enclosures, and automotive components.

Our system uses multiple management solenoids to vary the water’s spray volume/pressure. A holding tank prepares the water to needed} temperature if required. A pump ensures the water is delivered within the correct pressure vary. The spray is activated via a programmable controller that sets the check mode and its desired parameters.

Therefore, the automotive industries and varied analysis and organic process units typically use rain test chambers to check the standard and performance of the merchandise in such extreme environments. Envisys Technologies Rain check chambers are such rain test machines used for the testing of vehicles, electronic components and parts, light-weight equipments, voltage cupboards and alternative big variety of merchandise beneath a rainy setting.

At Envisys Technologies, these information science checks Chamber and IP Testing Chambers are designed to simulate unique environmental conditions, mimicking a natural rainy weather, to check the seals and water proofing capability of the instrumentality and devices, thereby providing associate estimation of the merchandise performance over a amount of your time.

The Envisys Technologies Rain check chambers sport a durable and non-corrosive stainless-steel construction and have a non-corrosive rotary operating table created from Al alloy table board. All the external and internal surfaces of the instrumentality are created from stainless-steel or copper for good strength and resistance.

The check chamber conjointly options a stainless-steel screen for extra filtration of pollutants and fine sediments, reducing the instances of blockage at intervals the slow unharnessed management valve for continued wonderful performance of the instrumentality. They’re given adjustable nozzles which will be maneuvered in each angle to inject and spray water all across the surfaces of the check sample. The instrumentality works by exposing the check specimens to varied intensity of rain.

The Envisys Technologies information science Testing Chamber use programmable bit screen controllers for varied operational parameters. They’re conjointly equipped with a large array of safety options to confirm safe and reliable operation of the instrumentality. These test chambers functions along with an automobile lighting test chambers and automobile signal test chambers and are usually used for testing outside lighting and signal devices. They’re designed in accordance with international standards.

  • Designed to satisfy Ingress Protection Standards.
  • Designed to the need from part level testing, space level testing to field testing of enormous sized merchandise.
  • Prime quality corrosive resistance material for construction.
  • Drip-tank designed and made to satisfy the specified fall-rate as per standards.
  • Spray and Jet nozzles are factory-made in single operation CNC with high dimensional accuracies.
  • Extremely reliable water circulation pump and pipeline.
  • Vibration-free rotating table with variable speed management.
  • Full-view of the glass door along with wiper.

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