Riverside CA – Make It Your Next Destination For Good Times!

Riverside in California has tons of fun and action for everyone and truly makes you fall in love with the place. The vicinity of Santa Ana River, nightclubs, scenic locations, food, and the excitement is always available for you even if you are a daydreamer or a night owl. The city never sleeps and so the thrill. It has become a prominent attraction for tourists since its foundation in the 1870s.

Mission Inn, California Circus Industry, Riverside National Cemetery, Whitewater Preserve, Lake Hemet, University of California Riverside Botanic Garden, and Victoria Court by the Billy Joe Airport are some attractions you must visit when you are in Riverside looking for memorable good times.

Love Is In The Air – Smell Yours At The University Of California Riverside Botanic Garden

UCR botanic garden has a treat for every nature lover. It spreads on the hills unlike the conventional botanic gardens. Rose or cactus gardens and the turtle pond are some cool places to spend serene time. In addition, the garden offers an excellent opportunity to know more about the local flora and fauna. Spending a couple of hours, photographing the moments, and exploring the greener side of the colorful nature are forever memorable experiences at UCR botanic garden.

Whitewater Preserve – The Place Where The Heartbeat Stops For A Moment

Whitewater Preserve is one of the most favorite tourist attractions in Riverside. The year-round desert river adds a lush green appeal to the scenic beauty. Rainbow Rock Canyon and Pacific Crest Trail are favorites of the hikers. This old fish hatchery turned into a preserve features calm lake, lots of birds, fishes, and lush green grass. Well, it is a perfect place for spending a day. Make sure to carry your food and do not hike the Pacific Crest Trail after the monsoon to avoid disappointment. Well, it indeed is an oasis in the desert and you ought to visit.

Lake Hemet – The Grandiose Nature At Your Service

Lake Hemet has a history dating back to 1895 after the construction of the Hemet dam on the San Jacinto Mountains. Today the lake hosts a series of tourism attractions comprising water park play, fishing, camping, and RVing. In fact, Lake Hemet is a popular wedding destination too. The 14,000 acre ft of water reservoir comes surrounded with cabins and delicious food making your stay more relaxing than you ever imagine. Explore the wilderness and tranquility at the lake Hemet, the most exotic holiday destination in Southern California.

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