Rome Destination Travel Guide

Rome in Italy is both known to have two sides of the coin as its facade because the city has both American and European cultures. Rome is considered to be one of the best and famous historical cities known around the globe. Amongst its neighbors, it is also one of the most unique in all of Europe. Rome cannot be visited and toured all in one day because it has so much to offer for the holidaymaker.

Rome’s main attraction is the Coliseum, but one of the most overlooked parts of the trip is trying to survive each time you cross the road. Cars and small motorcycle will never stop for you; you will just have to know proper timing and technique while crossing the bricked streets of the city.

Coffee shops are one of the thriving businesses in Rome. This is due to their great brews that stay unique and fresh unlike those American, London, French and Seattle coffee chains that all taste the same. Always look for Roman coffee while in Rome.

Obvious travel itinerary for your Rome visit is the Coliseum, Pantheon, Vatican City and the national monument along with its ruins. Film is a thriving art in Rome, too. Many artists do filming here so expect a busy film crew anywhere in the streets. Also Opera houses and performances are very abundant everywhere, so be sure to purchase your tickets a day ahead to save yourself of the burdens of lining up for tickets.

Rome Accommodations – Where to Bargain and Get it Cheap

Rome is by no means a cheap city to travel in. It is overly expensive, and this may be due to the increasing value of the Euro. If you plan properly and use the best common sense, then you will not have to put holes in your pockets if you travel in Rome.

You can save greatly on hotels when you go and visit the “Termini Station”. It is the main train station in all Italy and it connects everything in the vast networks of train. From there you will be called out by barkers and representatives of each hotel trying to lure you with brochures, leaflets and palm lets into their hotels. Always try to bid and never forget to say “no thanks” many times before you end up agreeing with EUR50-EUR100 a night on average. If you are looking for accommodation in Rome for the same day, this is the place for you.

However, to keep things as positive as it could be, hotels in Italy are for everyone what ever your budget maybe. If you have limited amounts of cash, feel free to try out “Hotel Ottoviano” in Rome, it is a small hostel situated in the Vatican and is in the heart of markets, restaurants and shopping center. If you are into those luxurious types, you can always find the best places for four and five star accommodation hotels right near the central train station.

Whenever you are in Europe or in Rome for that matter, always carry extra money with you. You will soon find out that you just cannot finish everything you want to accomplish in a day in this wonderful and splendid city.

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