Sacramento Wine Tours By Limo

In case you are planning to visit California, then try and take some time to visit some of the world famous Sacramento wineries. With pleasant weather and beautiful landscapes, wine touring in Sacramento can be one of the best ways to experience and taste the vintage US wines. Whether it is Amador, Sonoma County, Napa Valley, Lodi or El Dorado, a luxurious limo can make your wine tour the most memorable.

Sacramento is nestled in the middle of some of the greatest wineries in the United States of America. With over two hundred days of sunshine every year, the Sacramento weather is considered to be ideal for growing any kind of grape variety. Basically, there are six predominant varieties of wine in California, including white wine, red wine, fortified and non-varietal and blended wine.

Amador, known for world class Zinfandels also has around thirty wineries of Amador County producing Syrahs, Chenin Blancs and Barberas. Most of these wineries are located near mid-town Sacramento. Montevina, one of the most successful wineries in Amador features Zins and wonderful Chanin Blane. El Dorado has over forty wineries that produce around twenty-five varieties of grapes and a number of red wines, including Cabernet and Merlot.

Jodar is one of the best wineries in Sacramento and is considered to be a must stop while touring the finest wineries in Sacramento. Besides being popular for their red wines, this winery is also popular for its white variety. The wine tour in Sacramento can never be complete without mentioning the wineries in Napa Valley and Somona.

Napa Valley is one of the premier wine producing areas in the United States and features three popular wineries including the Frank Family, Caymus and Chandon. Somona is considered to be the second most premier winery area of the country, featuring the famous Carneros and the Alexander Valley.

There are a number of limo services that offer a drive to popular vineyards in Sacramento. They are considered to be an ideal choice for long Sacramento wine tours. The limo ride offers customers great comfort at reasonable cost that can fit within the budget of almost every visitor. These limo services are committed to providing exclusive comfort throughout the tour.

To add to your convenience, you can ask your limo service provider to plan the wine tour for you. You can decide on the type of limo and amount of time that you would like to spend at one vineyard. Taking a Sacramento wine tour means tasting a number of fine wines and that certainly implies a tendency of getting tipsy, while doing so. Hence, it would be safe to hire a limousine and enjoy the vacation safely.

The cost of hiring a limo depends upon several factors such as the chosen model of limousine, distance traveled in the rental limo and amount of time spent in traveling. One of the most important reasons of hiring a limo for a wine tour in Sacramento is that the service providers are experienced enough to take you to the best wineries, in style. Besides, they are capable of designing unique ways of offering the best of their services, to add to the comfort and entertainment of the customers.

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