Sam Poo Kong Temple at Semarang City, Central Java Province

wonderful indonesiaSam Poo Kong Temple is among the most famous temples located in Semarang City. The prime allure is definitely the history of the building itself. People also come to the site to enjoy photography and relaxation. It’s because the panorama is beautiful along with the nuance is very relaxing. The natives also call it Gedung Batu as it resides on a rocky hill and has the form which is comparable to a giant rocky cave.

Concerning nuance, it indeed reflects the Chinese surroundings dominated by gold and red color. If it comes to the form of the temple, it resembles a mini version of the Chinese Palace. In terms of the ornaments, the website has a lot of champions installed in several areas of the temple and the gate. Furthermore? Another prominent feature is the presence of Sam Poo Kong fountain on where tourists may shoot photos and selfies!

Tourists can learn more about him from the locals or tour guide later. In terms of the tip, the ideal time to come to the temple is in the evening once the nuance is your best and also the number of traffic is reduced. It’s because they may enjoy the air in a more relaxing way and avoid the hassles on account of the audience.

So, aside from learning the history, what other activities can vacationers perform in Sam Poo Kong Temple? It’s none other than exploration. That means that they need to explore all available pagodas that live on the website. In fact, you will find 4 of these! As its name suggests, each of the building was supposed to worship a different God (as its name implies).

What is more? All decorations and structures are worth a picture shoot, after all. One thing for sure, it has to be performed during good weather. Otherwise, no one becomes good photographs when it is rain. Another advocated thing that tourists can do would be to rent Chinese apparel and choose selfies with it. They could get one in the ticket booth, really. The only thing is that the fee, which is regarded as a bit pricey.

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