Sand Dunes in SoCal

Back when we were in Ventura, we camped in our airstream at the very edge of Carpentieria beach. Though it was pricey, it was worth it to literally step out our door and into the sand. To be able to climb over a sand dune and stare into the glistening ocean. It was one of those places I felt I could forget the world for a while and just breathe. I think the wide openness of it was also a familiar comfort, after living for a summer in Arizona before coming to the crowded coast.

Sometimes you just need to get away from people, from work, from life. I’m learning how to juggle this new business I’ve created with my own hands. The blog grows exponentially every month, and I’m just barely holding on with two hands while being taken on this wild ride. But it’s where a place is too beautiful to be ignored for work, that moments of calm can settle in. Everything busy takes a back seat and I can just simply be a human being again.

Sometimes I find it really hard to just exist. Even to the point where I can’t enjoy our travels because everything is work related. But i’m learning to let go. The world can wait, it’s not relying on me to turn. Even if I feel like everything will collapse if I don’t answer those emails right away, or if I don’t post enough Instagrams each day. Put down my battered Oakley glasses and leave it. I’m in a constant battle with myself, as an artist who wants to experience it all, and a business woman running her own show. It comes down to what we think are priorities, and what are actual priorities.

I’m won’t pretend I know how to coach anyone on this subject, because like I’ve said, I’m learning myself! But it’s the trying that I can be proud of. I’ll go roll in that sand if it reminds me that I’m simply a human being again. A part of this earth and with a life of experiences to have. What do you do to take the stress off, or where do you go to escape? Share your tips!