Save The Date Invitations – Frequently Asked Questions

Any bride-to-be knows how important marriage invitations are to the ceremony. After all, no invite, no guests, right? Sometimes traditional invitations just aren’t enough. Save the date announcements are becoming an increasingly popular way for bright brides to ensure their guests can share in the special event. Here are the most frequently asked questions about these announcements:

What are save the date invitations?

Sent separately from marriage invitations, these announcements are sent out about 4 to 6 months before the ceremony. Save the date invitations let busy guests know to pencil your ceremony onto their calendar now so they can avoid scheduling conflicts.

Why do I need to use them?

Holiday weddings – From the Fourth of July to Thanksgiving, holidays can be a busy time for families, with many planning travel and activities well in advance. These invites will make sure guests plan to attend your ceremony before their calendar fills up with other activities.

Popular vacation times – Snagging a hotel room over a peak vacation week can be challenging for even the most seasoned travel veteran. If your wedding is in a tourist hot spot, these announcements give your guests plenty of time to book rooms or purchase airfare.

Destination weddings – From vacation time at work to making plane reservations, attending a destination wedding means guests will need to do some planning as well. By letting them know the date in advance, your loved ones can make the plans they need to share in the joy of your ceremony.

What do these invites look like?

The wording for these announcements is very simple. Etiquette mavens recommend that save the date invitations state the wedding date along with a brief note explaining that the formal invite will follow. If you’re still stumped for wording, look on websites that sell marriage stationery. They often have wording suggestions for virtually any kind of invite.

Save the date invitations don’t need to be as formal or as stuffy as traditional wedding invites. Sure, paper announcements are always in style, but online invitation specialists also offer non-traditional and fun ways to announce the date. For example, a save the date magnet is a unique way to remind guests the ceremony is approaching. What’s more is that it gives guests a fun reminder of the most important day of your life. Basic magnets, featuring the date and a stock image, are more affordable than you might think. Magnets personalized with your photos are available, but may be a little more pricey. Many online marriage stationery specialists include mailing envelopes with an order of save the date invitations.

Save the date invitations can add cost to your wedding stationery budget, but they can be worth the extra expense because they help ensure your loved ones will be there for your special day.

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