Selecting a Private Christian School in Marietta, GA  

Marietta, Georgia, is Atlanta’s largest suburb and the largest city in Cobb county. Many of Atlanta’s professionals call Marietta home, and surrounding Cobb County has become the highest educated county in the state (according to US census data). Citizens of Marietta prize quality education, which is reflected in the number of high quality private schools in the city. If you’re looking for a private Christian school in Marietta, GA, you likely already have some idea what factors are important to you. Here are some significant factors to consider.

Major Factors in Selecting a Christian School

You know why a Christian education is important for your children. And whatever that main reason is for you, it’s likely non-negotiable. But there may be several schools that match that main criterion. In narrowing your choice down to a specific school, here are some factors to consider.

Denominational Affiliation or Doctrinal Position

For many who are interested in a private Christian school, denomination and doctrine are quite important. Marietta is blessed with many choices, including non-denominational schools, evangelical schools, and several schools affiliated with specific denominations. For example, one private Christian school in Marietta, GA, Mt. Paran School, describes itself as a non-denominational, covenantal school offering “a Christ-centered education” that “seeks to integrate that faith into all aspects of school life.”

Student to Teacher Ratio

Class size can be an important measure of quality: the lower the better. Students receive more individualized instruction when a teacher has fewer of them to shepherd. indicates that highly rated area Christian schools (including Mt. Paran) keep this ratio at or near 11 to 1.

Be sure to compare this ratio with overall enrollment trends, though. A school facing a sharp enrollment decline may have an unusually low student to teacher ratio, but for all the wrong reasons.


Since independent schools aren’t bound to the whims of the local school board, ones with quality programs tend to maintain accreditation by one or more accrediting bodies. These bodies evaluate all aspects of the school’s academic program (including in many cases outcomes, or college acceptance rates), and grant accreditation only to those schools meeting their standards. There are many accrediting bodies, and SAIS and AdvancED are two you might look for in the schools you consider. An unaccredited school isn’t automatically a bad one, but unless you have a way to deeply evaluate their programs yourself, you’d just have to take them at their word.

As a non-denominational, covenantal school, Mount Paran Christian School welcomes students from all denominations into its student body. This school matches well in the areas discussed above and is a strong choice for those looking for a private Christian school in Marietta, GA.