Seville Attractions In Spain

The largest city in the autonomous community of Andalusia, and capital city of the region, is Seville. This is the fourth largest city of Spain by population. Seville attractions in Spain are known for their ancient value, their cultural heritage, and their popularity among tourists from around the world, with as many as three World Heritage Sites as declared by UNESCO being found in the old town.

Seville Attractions in Spain – Cultural Heritage: Seville is almost immediately identified with its rich cultural heritage, thanks to its ancient civilisation and years of history well into the years before Christ. The Tartessians and Romans have played important roles in the initial years of formation of the city, while the Moors had a resounding influence on the city’s culture with their presence lasting a few centuries.

Seville Attractions in Spain – Art and Architecture: There are many places of interest in this historic city of Seville that lies along the banks of the river Guadalquivir. The region is home to many buildings of interest, as in the case of the University, which was once the Royal Tobacco Factory, the San Telmo Palace, and the tower called Torre del Oro which has a typical Arab style of construction, now housing the Navy Museum. This leads on to one of the most popular venues in Seville, which is the Arenal, the bullfighting region in the city.

Some of the best known buildings in the city are present in the well known streets of Sierpes and Campana, which are not too far away from Seville city centre. Seville attractions in Spain include buildings such as Renaissance Palaces, Baroque buildings, and numerous churches. The Parliament of Andalusia is present in the district of La Macarena, along with the churches of La Virgen de la Esperanza, and Jesus del Gran Poder. You could visit the Island of Cartuja on the other side of River Guadalquivir, where you could find the Carthusian Monastery as well as the Andalusian Centre for Contemporary Art.

Seville Attractions in Spain – Nature: Spain is filled with the amazing blessings of nature, and Seville is no exception. The National Park of Donana is known for its lovely landscapes and is rightly declared a World Heritage Site. There is also the Sierra Norte Nature Park in the north, and the Biosphere Reserve of Dehesas de Sierra Morena. The River Guadalquivir is in itself a splendid place of recreation and water sports, adding to the natural beauty of the city.

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