Some Quick Facts About Lyon – A Beautiful City in France

Lyon is a city in the east central France. It is situated in the Rhône-Alpes which lie between Paris and Marseille. The residents (inhabitants) of the city are called Lyonnais (singular and plural).

Lyon has developed into a major center of business as a reputed French capital of gastronomy. The city has a significant development in cinema due to Auguste and Louis Lumière. The Lyon’s football team is Olympique Lyonnais which has participated in European Football Championships. This has brought fame and established Lyon on the map of Europe. This city is the capital of the Rhône-Alpes région. It has various historical and architectural landmarks which are recognized as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

It was historically known as silk capital of the world and is now known as culinary capital of world. International headquarters of Interpol, Euro news and International Agency for Research on Cancer are situated here. Lyon is also a pivot city for the Council of Europe and the European Commission intercultural cities programme.


Lyon is second richest city of the France after Paris. This region along with Rhône-Alpes is one of the most important economies of Europe and can be compared to the economies of Bombay (according to a leading university) due to its international presence. This city is currently working to develop it into a better place for business purposes.

Tourism industry contributes a large part of Lyon’s GDP. According to visitor’s reviews, the hotels of Lyon are ranked #1 in entire France. Main festival of this city is Fête des lumières, which is also known as the festival of lights and is very popular amongst tourists.


Air Travel –

The city has an airport which serves both international and national flights. It is located 20km east of Lyon and is known as Saint Exupery International Airport. The airport is also connected through its own TGV network.

Road –

The city has a very dense network of roadways and is also the centre point of many of the highways. These highways include A6 to Paris, A7 to Marseille, A42 to Geneve and A43 to Grenoble

Rail Travel –

This city is connected to north and south with the help of TGV network. Lyon was connected to Paris in 1981 by the TGV. The city has two major railway station known as Lyon Part Dieu and Lyon Perrache which were built for the regional railway services.

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