South America – the Top 10 Destinations This Year Part Three

The previous two parts of this guide explored six possible holiday destinations in South America that were worthy of visiting this year.  As well as well known locations such as Peru and Brazil there are plenty of other locations such as Guatemala’s ancient ruins and the Chilean Desert which can offer all sorts of holidays from adventure holidays to relaxing beach lounging trips. 

The final four are locations that you certainly wouldn’t normally expect to see on a list of top holiday destinations but as trends are changing they very well may end up being the must-go-to spots this year.  This final part covers some more northern areas of South America, specifically some Caribbean locations that are becoming popular this year.

4.    Costa Rica
Costa Rica has the benefit of both the Caribbean sea and the Pacific Ocean on either side but despite having a vast amount of coastline it still has vast mountain ranges and not just rainforests but cloud forests.  These forests almost look like they are perennially foggy but in actual fact they are so high up that they are within the clouds. 

A lot of nature photography taken of rainforests with the dense clouds interspersed with the trees will likely be of these cloud forests in Costa Rica.  There are plenty of activities and hotels to stay at deep within the jungles themselves.  The aptly named El Silencio lodge and spa is located within the these cloud forest and has a yoga platform, full-service spa and for those looking for more adventure than relaxation can go horse trekking or rafting down a river.

3.    The Corn Islands, Nicaragua
The Corn Islands whilst just off the coast of Nicaragua are still considered to be within the Caribbean Sea.  Obviously like all other Caribbean Islands it has great reefs and coastlines for diving.  Deep sea diving is popular in the region and is becoming a well known spot in the scuba world.

The Corn Islands doesn’t sound too Latin in name; that is because it is a former British Protectorate and has recently been hoisted to the top of the list of best holidays for 2008 by a South American tour company due to its undeveloped land and superb marine life.  There are a few lodges and hotels on the island that people are flocking to this year.

2.    Belize
Belize is quite similar to the Corn Islands as it too is popular for diving with its Caribbean coastline and varied wildlife.  But more than this the southern Toledo district is an immense jungle that you can visit on nature trips to see the bird life in the area. 

One particular attraction is the region’s cocoa farms; chocolate fiends will be in heaven as this is where Green and Blacks’ Maya Gold bars are sourced from.  Belize is able to offer both of these attractions: warm Caribbean beaches and dense jungles that can offer a bit of shade.

And now the last of the ten recommended holiday destinations in South America…

1.    Zona Cafetera, Columbia
Columbia is at the top of this list as it is highly tipped to be the most visited South American location this year. With the film ‘Love in the time of Cholera’ being set in Cartagena it will no doubt draw in a lot of tourists from around the world.

Couple that with the New York Times putting Bogotá down as one of the must visit locations this year Columbia is likely to see a large influx of people getting hotels in one of the main cities.

So there you have it, the ten best locations in South America.  Some of the locations listed you may never have heard but many experts on the region have recommended them to the public this year.  If you book your holiday yourself you may be able to score cheap hotels if you just want to see the region or you could try one of the luxurious lodges or spas mentioned in this article.  Either way South America has a whole lot to give and will likely turn out to be the hot holiday location for 2008!

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