Spring Break in Europe – Spring Break isn’t just beaches, wet t-shirt contests, and beer pong anymore

Want the college spring break trip of a lifetime? Take a long distance thrill ride all the way to Europe. There are so many places to visit and you won’t know a soul there besides your friends so you can be as stupid or outrageous as you want. Pick one country to crash in for the entire week and create an agenda or just buy a Europass and commute all over the continent as you please taking in exotic sites and more as you cruise on a high speed train. Europe is full of surprises and a week there will open the doors to much more if you allow it.

Spring Break isn’t just sandy beaches, wet t-shirt contests, and beer pong anymore. Spring Break Europe offers a perfect blend of social culture and entertainment. Take a trip to London to catch up on culture and bring those history books to life. Ireland Spring Break FunThe sightseeing alone is amazing; Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London are must sees. If you’re a shopper then you simply have to check out Harrod’s and the Portobello Marketplace where you can find practically anything under the sun. Or spend a few hours (or days) wandering through the National Gallery, Tate Modern and British Museum. For fans of the theater there are numerous venues to catch a show, namely the West End. And of course there is alcohol, lots of alcohol in the numerous bars, pubs and clubs throughout the town.

If you’re a bargain shopper and want to get some deals the only place you should consider in Spain is the El Rastro Flea Market where the cart owners will wheel and deal to your heart’s desire. Then stomp your feet and watch a flamenco show or put on those running shoes and start jogging in case those bulls get loose at a bullfight at Fiestas de San Isidro. Madrid has fantastic clubs and restaurants where the food is authentic Spanish food like you’ve never before tasted.

College Fraternity in Ireland on Spring Break

Ireland is a top choice with over 10,000 pubs, outstanding nightlife, mesmerizing sights, and great culture. With nearly one half of the country’s population below the age of 26, Spring Break Ireland welcomes college students from all over the world to join the party.

Guys really enjoy the Red Light District of Amsterdam but there is more than promiscuous women there to attract both men and women alike. Amsterdam is known for its incredible weather, abundance of museums, classic sidewalk cafes and unique transportation. Take a boat ride on the canal or even a gondola after that long bike ride on the outskirts of town. Amsterdam may be fairly large in size but it has the feel of a small community that takes care of one another and more importantly, loves to party.

Spring Break Europe is the perfect escape for a week away where you can dine and drink at eighteen and a place where you can be sure no one there ever has to know your name. Go ahead and have a good time.

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