Streaming art for the music artists

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You hear that people make their living out of streaming income. Major streaming platforms such as Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music have started robust dashboards for music artists where they can not only analyze and track the performance of their songs but can offer you with streaming data where you can understand your audiences and how to spend your dollars effectively. Just like social media platforms, you can increase your likes, views, and followers. It is always encouraging to notice these numbers grow. Total streams determine your payout, but if you are among those artists who are not making a huge amount from royalty streaming, it is wise to choose quality over quantity.

Rather than focusing on total stream count, focus on actionable metrics that can help you in making decisions that can impact your career growth in music. This includes things such as how engaged are the followers, which demographics are engaged, the tracks that are shared and also saved to playlists. For instance, in Spotify promotion, you can see the details of the top 200 songs. You may filter by date to see whether live shows or promotional efforts have correlated with your activity in spotify. You can track the total listeners and streams of all the tracks in a combined manner.

Promote your music independently

Independent artists have huge opportunities to launch their careers without any major back up and bid budgets. More and more artists are making their presence while there are others who do not know how and where to start a successful music promotion. It goes without a saying that making great music should be your primary focus. Upcoming artists put their focus largely on digital space, but, there is huge power in live performance. Tours and gigs are an invaluable way of connecting with your fans that is not simply possible online.

Get booked at venues, play great music, and develop a strong fan base. Always remember that you have to make people remember you, so, make it memorable. After you have built a local following, you can take on music to different cities or different countries. Playing gigs and touring is hard work but if have had great live shows, then the shows will speak. You cannot underestimate the power of social media platforms too. Maintaining and developing an interesting, engaging, and consistent presence on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook is essential. Keep your profile updated so that things become easy for people when they search you online.

Access your streamlined data

If you want your access your Spotify metrics via Spotify promotion, then you should be a verified artist. This process has become much simpler compared to what it was before. Once you have been verified then you log into and see all your data. Once you check your streamlined data regularly, you will be able to make an informed decision related to various aspects of your music such as where to route the next tour, the songs to include in the set list, the audiences to target, how marketing is working for releases, and many more.


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