Strength of British Pound Draws Many Across the Pond for Holidays in the US

Many Britons may have considered a holiday in the states to be a little overwhelming in the past; such a big country with so many things to see and quite expensive to travel to and get around once you have arrived. However, considering the recent strength of the British pound against the US dollar it would be a shame to miss out on the sights and adventures to be had if you are headed across the pond this autumn.

Some of the most expensive cities in North America have recently become so much more affordable to those travelling from Britain. Despite the increase in hotel tariffs and transportation within the states, increases do not seem as drastic since the exchange rate has reached two dollars to the pound on especially strong days. The increasing number of cheap flights to so many cities in the states is also so much more favourable than in the past drawing many Britons across the Atlantic.

New York, the city that never sleeps is a buzzing place full of iconic landmarks, unforgettable attractions and a unique character that has attracted visitors for many generations. Never running out of things to do, places to see or certainly restaurants to dine in, the ‘big apple’ is hugely attractive for those go-getters looking to draw the best out of this world-class city. The shopping to be had in New York ranges from top designer boutiques to huge department stores. But it’s not all glitz and glam; the market ‘knock-offs’ that are found on Canal Street in Chinatown are another huge draw attracting many from the UK solely for shopping trips. For those seeking pure shopping bliss, New York is certainly harder than ever to beat with the current exchange rate. Visitors are getting more for their pounds sterling than ever before – making the Broadway shows, five star hotels and shopping marathons ever more affordable.

Another 24 hour town, Las Vegas might be New York’s only rival in this respect but set in the desert of the southwest United States, this oasis that lies in the dry sands of Nevada gives a completely different feel and a warmer dryer climate. For those who love the nightlife and trying their luck at the casinos, a Las Vegas holiday is tough to beat. Flights and accommodation in this glitzy city are more affordable than ever, reaching into the most modest of budgets when considering the current exchange rate. The world class shows and fine dining available are made ever more attractive for those Britons going abroad and choosing Vegas for their holiday.

Wherever you choose to go on your trip to the states, now is better than ever due to the favourable exchange rate that is available to anyone carrying pounds sterling. If the UK summer has got you down or you were not able to get abroad this summer, the weather is always warm and dry in Las Vegas where you will be able to sit out in the sun and catch some rays at a much lower cost than ever before.

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