Syria Tourist attractions, things to do in damascus, syria

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Attractions in Syrian Capital, Damascus

Umayya mosque is the most important one is Damascus. I advise one to visit the mosque on a Friday…” “Easily one of the most exquisite mosques you will see

The Old Town of Damascu is no doubt the hightlight of your journey to Syria! What I enjoy most is having a walk around the Old City. When you get away from Umayya Mosque and bazaar streets

The Tourist Attractions in Damascus are in great demand among the people visiting the country of Syria. The region of Damascus is the capital of Syria which is located on a plateau, which is 690 meters above sea level. The capital city is bordered by Anti-Lebanon Mountains in the west and desert in the east. The Tourist Attractions in Damascus are a wonderful blend of scenic spots and historical ruins.

The are numerous Tourist Attractions in Damascus that are worth visiting, The capital city of Syria, Damascus is situated in a picturesque setting in the Ghutah oasis and fed by the water Barada river. The Umayyad Mosque is one of the Popular Tourist Attractions in Damascus. The mosque is an oldest monument of the region which flanks a wonderful architecture. The mosque is located in the heart of the capital city. It is believed that the mosque includes a shrine that contains the head of John the Baptist, who was honored s a prophet by both Muslim and Christian communities. You will also find tomb of Saladin that stands in the beautiful small garden, which adjoins the north wall of the mosque.

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