Tea Cups and Saucers – Brief History and Overview

Everyone has their favourite tea cup and saucer which always enhances their tea drinking on many levels. In fact, for many people, drinking from a different tea mug or cup can actually reduce their enjoyment of the whole drink process.

This is not surprising when you consider the longstanding history of tea and tea drinking. For many centuries it has been the beverage of choice around the world, with the first known teacups being discovered in Europe after being imported from Japan.

However, these were not the tea cups and saucers that we are familiar with today. For many Far Eastern countries actually drink their tea from mini bowls without handles, with China having the smallest variety of bowl, which only allows a small amount of tea to be provided at one time. But this is where the ritual of serving tea comes in. The whole process of filling and refilling your guest’s cup adds to the interaction between tea drinkers.

However, in Europe, America and many other parts of the world, it is preferred to have a handle on ones cup. Generally these cups are also wider and easier to hold. But this does not distract from the ritual of preparation and enjoying time with a favorite drinking vessel!

Whether glass, ceramic, melamine or porcelain the feel and the weight of the cup all add to the whole experience. This, coupled with the pattern and design of choice, allows the tradition of drinking the perfect cup of tea to continue worldwide today.

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