Tebing Keraton: A Fascinating Natural Landscape at North Bandung

wonderful indonesiaTebing Keraton can be simply interpreted as The Royal Cliff. The name perfectly exemplifies the royal vista of North Bandung’s fascinating natural landscapes as ones stand on a cliff. Tebing Keraton is located inside the Ir. H. Djuanda Forest Park, in Ciburial Village, Cimenyan sub-district, from the Bandung Regency. In the central place, there’s a stone that lumps on the edge of the valley that makes it a perfect place to watch on the unbelievable natural environment. Here, one may be presented with the dramatic view of hills, river, dense forests, rice paddies, and also mountains on the horizon.

The incredible landscape is a part of the canyon that’s shaped by the Lembang Hill on its opposite side. The pond presents its best vista at sunset and sunrise when the skies are splashed with vibrant colors that fuse with the green environment. Even though only recently found, and made famous from the mid-2014, the people around the region are familiar with the cliff that was called Cadas Jontor (the bulging rock). After many selfies and social media hypes, the cliff was afterward given the new name of tebing keraton to illustrate its majestic landscape better.

The very best way to reach Tebing Keraton is by renting a car or a motorcycle. From Bandung city, head to Ir. H. Djuanda Forest Park in the northern part of the town. You’ll pass the Dago Avenue and all the way into the Dago terminal till you reach the entry to Ir. H. Djuanda Forest Park. Entering the Ir H Djuanda Forest Park, proceed till you reach the sign that points to Bukit Pakar Utara and Tebing Keraton. From here follow the route of Bukit Pakar Utara Bukit Pakar Barat Sekejolang Cihargem Puncak. The entry into Tebing Keraton is located in Cihargem Puncak.