The benefits of bottled water far outweigh the cost

There has always been a lot of debate over bottled and water, and whether or not it’s actually worth while spending money on something that you can get for free when you turn on your tap. In most cases tap water is sanitised water that has been through waste. If you happen to live in a country where tap water is still drinkable then you are definitely one of the lucky ones. You may think that it’s only applicable to third world countries, but you must realise that some of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe do not have drinkable tap water.

Regardless of water status, bottled water has become a lot more popular in many parts of the world. People are ordering them over the internet and having them delivered to their homes. They search for bottled water delivery Brisbane, make a few clicks, pop in their credit card details and wait for the door bell to ring. It’s as easy as that. The biggest issue people have is that they seem to think that bottled water is nothing more than water from a tap. They taste no difference and perceive no value in the bottled water. In reality though, if bottled water is in fact bottled at a natural source then there are several important benefits that it has over your regular tap water. Water from a natural source still contains all it’s trace elements and natural minerals that are found at the source. Your body uses these trace elements and minerals in its daily functioning. The tap water has been purified and sanitized, meaning it has been filtered and doused with chlorine and other unnatural chemicals to make it “clean” The sanitizing process also strips the water of all those natural minerals that it used to have. The reason for all the harsh chemicals being pumped into the water during sanitizing is because it is often syphoned from the waste systems. All the solid waste materials are physically removed, and then the water is purified. This process isn’t always 100% safe and you could end up falling ill because of poor quality water. It is usually because of a high E.Coli count in the water, bacteria that occurs naturally in your gut and helps you to digest your food, an imbalance occurs in the intestine and causes all kinds of nasty things to happen.

So whether you are at home, walking through a store, or out having dinner, you should still consider bottled water for health reasons and for the enjoyment of something truly natural.

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