The Best Five Multi-cuisine Restaurants in Rajouri Garden for a Hearty Meal

The residents of New Delhi can thank their stars to be living in the city of food lovers. Every little corner of by-lanes and streets has something to offer to satisfy the taste buds. The different cuisines from countries across the world find audience in this city. Vegetarians and non-vegetarians have a sea of options to satisfy their palettes.

Rajouri Garden, one of New Delhi’s hotspots, is no different. This place has plenty of restaurants, a lot of which serve multiple cuisines. If you reside around this area or happen to pass by, then you must not forget to give the restaurants in Rajouri Garden a try. Some of the best multicuisine eateries are:

Jungle Jamboree

Jungle Jamboree is the most exquisitely and exotically furnished restaurant in the whole of New Delhi. The entire mood is constructed around two themes- Jungle and Aqua. Artificial trees, blue mountains, green lighting, creepers and vines hanging from the ceiling – the effect is such that you feel transported to the land of Jumanji. The Aqua theme takes you underwater amidst fascinating and exotic creatures. The experience is enhanced by deep sea music that serenades you as you eat. This restaurant serves a host of dishes from North Indian, Continental, Mughlai, Italian, Thai and Chinese cuisines.

Average Cost: INR 1,200 for two people

Address: A 23, 1st Floor, Vishal Enclave, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi


This is the place to head to when one’s pocket is pinched. Super delicious food is served at super economic prices. While the prices are low, the quality of the ambience of the place has not suffered – you could very well come here with your family. The décor is uniquely themed (with a train) and options for vegetarians are myriad. It only serves street food, South Indian food, North Indian food and Continental food.  Palak Patta Chaat, Spring Rolls, Mushroom Malai Tikki are among the finger-licking  dishes served here.

Average Cost: INR 750 for two people

Address: B-7, Vishal Enclave, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi

Ghar Bistro Café

As the name suggests, this restaurant is designed to give you a feeling of having your food in the comfort of your home. The lighting is kept dim and a lovely musical score plays in the background. This is one cool place to hang out with your friends – the crowd is forever youthful and resounding. The staffs are extremely warm and humble. The service is express-fast. Chilli Fish, Hazelnut Cheesecake Shake, Red Carpet Shake, Dahi ke Kebab and Drums of Heaven are their specialities. They offer Café, Chinese, North Indian, Asian, Kebab and Mughlai cuisines.

Average Cost: INR 800 for two people

Address: J-198, 2nd Floor, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi

English Tadka

English Tadka has been named aptly for it is the perfect conjunction of the East and the West. The décor is classically western with a kaleidoscope of white and blue lights intersecting each other all around, giving an almost futuristic touch to the atmosphere. In sharp contrast is the carte; mouth-watering Indian dishes find their way amongst American and European classics.

Average Cost: INR 800 for two people, INR 145 for a pint of beer

Address: 19-21, 1st Floor, TDI Paragon Mall, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi

Café Foreground

Café Foreground has earned quite a reputation for serving consistently authentic, scrumptious Italian food. Lovers of pizza and pasta must not give this cafeteria a miss. They also serve Chinese, Asian, Mexican, Thai and North Indian delicacies. With a boot of exceptional draft beer to knock back with the food, you are in for a pleasant, relaxed evening with friends. The atmosphere here is always merry and the traditional music helps elevate the authentic feel of the place a few notches higher. The staffs are amiable and service is speedy.

Average Cost: INR 1,500 for two people

Address: J 2/11, 3rd Floor, B.K. Dutt Market, Amba Tower, Rajouri Garden,  New Delhi

So, there you have it! Do try out these eateries for their mouth-watering specialities, unique ambience and range of food dishes spanning across multiple cuisines.