The Best Office Chair for Aging Employees

A large portion of the global workforce is what many would consider middle aged. This can range from 30-60 years old, which many workers find themselves identifying as in 2019. As the working world ages into this range, the needs and features that employees require to stay productive start to change.

What Makes Middle Aged Workers Different?

In short, the body ages quicker than the brain. This means that workers who feel as if nothing has changed may start to notice that their bodies get sore more easily, and even face injury more often. That makes it crucial to adapt office furniture and resources to ensure an environment designed the way in which workers perform best. That might mean extended breaks for walks, assistance with things like medical or dental needs at an insurance level, or more. All of those are fairly expensive and require things like budgeting and planning, but an office chair is a quick fix.

Office chairs are an easy way to make sure workers are better equipped for middle aged physical ailments and changes. Autonomous is a brand many companies turn to for their office furniture needs. Middle aged workers need things like lumbar support, adjustable features for comfort, and even features that are not often seen in office chairs. All of those aspects are the core of what Autonomous does best, and the MyoChair is a great example of this innovation.

The MyoChair: Support and Comfort All in One

The MyoChair is a great opportunity for businesses to get ergonomic chairs for their entire office. That’s because Autonomous has made it part of their mission to provide ergonomic seating affordable. It’s an even further perk that multiple item purchases for offices receive discount specials for bulk orders. That makes it easier than ever to get every employee into a MyoChair for improved performance at work.

The MyoChair is a prime option for offices looking to support their aging employees for three major reasons. First and foremost, ergonomic support needs to be adjustable for every user. No matter who takes a seat, the MyoChair gives three levels of adjustable support. The backrest is no surprise, but the headrest too is available to move as the employee shifts their posture. Providing support no matter what, every angle can be made to configure the MyoChair in the best way possible for each employee.

Likewise, the MyoChair features an extendable leg rest to help circulation. As a younger employee, circulation may not seem like a major focus. As employees reach 30 years old and above, the legs are easily pained by lack of blood flow. Allowing extended leg support helps to keep the body limber and properly circulated from head to toe. Not to mention, each adjustable part of the chair is comfortable and supportive, making sure to keep the body feeling fresh all throughout the day.

Autonomous Provides Next Level Support and Comfort

When shopping for an ergonomic office solution, the office chair needs to be considered a mandatory upgrade. For middle aged workers, physical health starts to decline when seating in the workplace is not supportive or comfortable. As the body ages, it needs more help from exterior furniture and environments. A job may require 40 hours a week at a desk, but the body should not feel like it is being forced to stay still in an unnatural way.

Built with top of the line materials and designed by the best in the field, Autonomous makes sure each chair is top of the line. For an affordable, easy to operate office chair, Autonomous is a leader in innovation and customer satisfaction.

Danny White Author