The Best Places to Visit with Car Hire Larnaca

Larnaca (Cyprus), is one of the most popular destinations for international tourists if they are visiting Europe. This city has a very long history of tourism and boasts of stunning city landscapes and Mediterranean coast that will provide you a great time in Cyprus. Historically, Larnaca was a drowsy town but because of natural beauty that surrounds it, many visitors from all over the world started touring Larnaca. Soon enough, the city was converted into a modern holiday resort town that really is worth exploring.

If you would like to visit almost all famous destinations quickly, Car hire Larnaca is a good idea. You can take your car from car hire in Larnaca  Airport and the service will provide you all the comforts that you can ask for. Car Hire Larnaca is also the best for international visitors who are not totally aware of the top destinations here and would get lost if they are using the public transport options that are available. Take a GPS navigation unit and tour all around the island country to visit the most spectacular places on the island of Cyprus. The city has traditional streets and houses are white-washed along with palm-lined lanes that provide amazing view to those who have come to Larnaca for the very first time.

Ayia Napa – Being one of the coastal cities, Larnaca has many top destinations which are beaches. One of the most beautiful beaches that you should not miss while you are in Larnaca is Ayia Napa. This beach is considered to be the party capital of the Cyprus. You will find all types of games and sports activities happening here along with music and dance to keep you on your toes throughout day and night.

Chapelle Royale – If you are in Larnaca you should visit Royal Palace also known as Chapelle Royale. The palace was made in the 15th century and it is located near the village name Pyrga. The palace also contains some historical wall frescos that you are very unique and in typical French style that is a must watch.

Choirokoitia – Another historical place just 19 kilometers south west of Larnaca is Choirokoitia which was made in 6800 BC and is declared as a World Heritage Site. It is visited by thousands of international tourists who come from around the globe to see this ancient landscape which is now in ruins.

Famagusta – It is an unusual beach resort. You will find that the beach is relatively silent even though there are a lot of tourists around. If you are thinking of a day trip than you should visit Famagusta where you can enjoy and relax with your partner and watch the crumbling beauty of this beach.

Kiti – It is located not so far away from Larnaca. This place is only 7 kilometers from Larnaca city and has a tourist attraction called Panagia Angeloktisti Church which means built by angels. The church was made in the 5th century and has a striking mosaic of the Virgin Mary that has survived even though the church had been damaged.

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