The Enchantment Of Volubilis

The ruins of Volubilis, a former Roman city of power that became a Berber city, lay in the North African country of Morocco. Web search the name Volubilis to see photographs of its ruins, and you will understand why I find it to be an attractive and interesting subject. Even as a ruin, the city is situated on a high plain that offers a breath-taking view of a fertile valley and mountains behind it. Some intricate mosaic tile floors of its homes still survive.

Volubilis has a long and complicated history of being conquered. As conquerors came and went, some of their DNA and culture remained to blend with the underlying indigenous Berber population. Morocco sits strategically on both the eastern Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, to include the southern portion of the Strait of Gibraltar. Thus, the area could not be ignored by the great powers of the day, which included the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians, and the Romans, the latter of whom swept up the spoils of the city-state of Carthage, which it destroyed after nearly being destroyed by it.

Yet, being on the fringe of the Roman Empire, it was only a matter of time before Rome would let Volubilis go when it had more numerous and nearer threats to face. Thus, the Berbers got Volubilis back. So, the ruins are there, but how would you see them and when? Probably, the time to see Volubilis is when you decide to see the more famous Moroccan city of Casablanca.

After your kids are grown, you have taken a couple of Mediterranean Cruises, and you have decided to vacation in a specific European country each year, consider this trip as an add-on to your trip to Spain or Portugal. Before you travel, read what you can about the different tribal factions that came and stayed in Morocco, so that you can experience differences in food, speech, manner of dress, attitudes, and habits and not just see the final blended culture.

That part of the world is an outcome of repeated cultural blending, and experiencing it may help you to understand what is happening today in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe, whose cultures are being drowned out by more dominant cultures that originate from the Middle East, Asia, and Central/South America.

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