The Fabulous New York City!

New York City (NYC) is one of the most famous and popular cities in the world. New York City is also known as “the big apple” and represents one of the great international centers of finance, politics, communications, music, culture, and fashion. New York City, like many large cities, has a number of small boroughs such as, SoHo, Little Italy, Greenwich Village and Chinatown each with their own characteristically atmosphere. You will find that New York consists of five boroughs; the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn and the Manhattan.

Possibly one of the more infamous locations in New York is Central Park. The park occupies over 840 acres in Manhattan and receives over 25 million visitors annually, Central Park is entirely landscaped with artificial lakes, playgrounds, ice skating rinks, a zoo, and walking trails.

New York City has many skyscrapers but four of them are the most representative of the Island, The Rockefeller Center between the 7th St. and 52nd St., The Empire State Building at Fifth Av and 34th St. , Chrysler Building at Lexington Av and 42nd St. and the United Nations Headquarters at 1st Av and 46th St.

There are many sightseeing attractions in New York City, here are some must to visit on your next trip:

– Statue of Liberty
– Central Park
– Little Italy
– Chinatown
– SoHo
– Brooklyn Bridge
– MoMA
– Grand Central Station
– Times Square
– New York Stock Exchange
– Battery Park
– Greenwich Village
– Empire State Building
– Madison Square Garden
– Rockefeller Center

And many moreā€¦

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