The Great Lakes Experience

The great lakes provide one of the major and breathtaking spectacles of the largest fresh water expanse in the planet. The unique and diverse characteristic landscape makes this phenomenon one of the famous tourist attractions. The great lake of North America are large enough to cover the whole of Europe. The lakes are one of the perfect places to start a tour of the region. Touring the region can be a great experience considering the diversity that it offers mixed with its ease in accessibility.

The Lakes proudly portray the magnificence of the US as a major tourist hub. Lake Ontario, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie and Lake Superior collectively form the great lakes of North America. They are sometimes referred to as landlocked seas. The lakes are not only an awesome spectacle but the fact that they contain nearly a quarter of the worlds fresh water makes them be of great importance. Their size is also a wonder in itself. The lakes cover an impressive 94,250 square miles.

The convenience in accessing the great lakes is greatly enhanced due to their location and this factor alone spices a visit to the area. The great lakes of North America can be accessed through the so called international gateway. The lakes can be accessed from cities such as Chicago, Detroit, Cincinnati, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. This has earned the region a great reputation of providing unrivalled tourism experience. The lakes are characteristic as being one of the places that one can have great fun and enjoy the diverse festivals that make the experience unique.

Some of the attractions that these spectacular wonders charms its visitors with may include a bouquet of outdoor sports. The lakes spoil its visitors with the range of activities that it offers. For those who delight in adrenaline rush canoeing and dog sledding will do the trick. Those who may find favor in less vicious spots the place offers golfing and fishing activities. The place has everything for everyone and for those who find pleasure in shopping or attending glamorous festivals this is definitely the place to be.

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