The largest natural harbor in East Asia – Manila Bay

Manila Bay is the port of the Philippines and is the largest natural harbor of East Asia. The width of the entrance is said to be 19 kilometers wide and widens to 48 kilometers at its greatest width. At the mouth of the bay lies a small rocky island called Corregidor, which divides the bay in to two channels. The north channel is approximately 2 miles wide while the south channel stretches 6.5 miles wide at the entrance to the bay.

There are several islands dotting the bay of which two have remnants of battles fought in Manila Bay. El Fraile is a 4 acre rocky island that has a steel fortress called Forth Drum that the United States Army built to defend the bay. Corregidor, the largest of the islands in the bay is a memorial to the American and Filipino soldiers who fought against the invasion of the Japanese in World War II.

Volcanic peaks can be seen from either side of Manila Bay that is covered in beautiful greenery. The sunsets at the bay are a sight to behold which will wrap you in a blanket of serenity. Manila Bay is also home to one of the most enthralling tourist attractions, the Manila Ocean Park. The Manila Ocean Park comes with an oceanarioum, an underwater acrylic tunnel with a moving travellator.

Restaurants, shopping centers and hotels dot the Roxas Boulevard on Manila Bay giving the average tourist a sample of the old and new Manila. Search for that ideal Makati serviced accommodation that offers you central location and the sophistication of modern living, such as the Ascott Makati.

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