The Melia Panama Canal Resort

The majority of visitors who go to Panama make it a point to see the famous Panama Canal but they are looking for one of the many beach hotels in Panama . The Panama Canal is an important navigational link between the Atlantic and Pacific ocean and has made Panama a major tourist destination. The Panama Canal is a superb engineering feat and attests to man’s capabilities. Besides large steamers with goods, many cruise ships regularly cross the Panama Canal. Most cruises have a stop over in Panama because it is probably one of the best cities to see and shop.

Even though Spanish and European tradition and culture dominate the daily lives, almost all aspects of North American amenities are available. Despite the world economic recession, shopping is still a bargain in Panama, there is Free Trade zone with very low taxes and one can buy almost anything in this country.

Over the years Panama has developed into a mecca for tourists and the country has built a solid network of hotel accommodations for tourists. There are accommodations to fit every type of budget. The capital city has a fair number of excellent hotels in Panama to choose from, but for a tourist it is best to go to Colon if you want to see the Canal. Colon is a small town, less traffic, great peole and excellent accommodation which is a lot cheaper than what one can get in Panama City.

There are many resort centers  in Colon which offer a wide range of activites plus accommodation. Among the nicest resorts in Colon is the Melia Panama Canal located about an hours drive from the Panama International airport. Just a few minutes away from the city of Colon, it is a tourist’s paradise. This eco friendly tourist destination on Lake Gatun offers a lost paradise whch has been untouched by man. The entire area is green with lush vegetation, hundreds of tropical flowers and shrubs. For the outdoors person, there are ample hiking trails along the dense forests and some of the scenery along the way is breath taking. There is decent accommodation all over Lake Gatun and almost every hotel has facilities for exploring this region. For  those who want to explore on land, bikes can even be rented. One can rent or chartered boat to sail across the lake and see the fascinating sea life.

The Melia Resort Center has a long history. Many decades ago it was a military school, then converted into a hospital and later converted into a resort. The resort is immaculate. Surrounded by well manicured gardens and a pool with pristine blue waters, it appears magical. the hotel overlooks the lake.The hotel has Spanish style architecture and perfectly matches the surrounding landscape. Even though it may not appear like the Las Vegas Marriott, it offers wide range of services.

Tourists come to Melia Resort to get away from the hectic city life. Here there is peace, solitude and nature. For the Eco friendly tourist, there is no better place. The best way to come to this hidden gem is to get a package deal. Today, the hotel does offer great discounts for individuals who want to stay for 4-7 days. Most of the packages are inclusive. The best deals can be obtained from Nolitours.

One should not feel that they will miss out on the rest of Panama by coming here. Melia Panama Resort has daily tours to the Canal, the city of Panama and the surrounding areas. Almost every single day, the resort has native activities for the tourist. Of course the tourist can also join the fun. There are organized bus tours to the Free Trade zone every day.
For the business man who can not live without his internet, do not worry, Melia has all the facilities for a conference and wireless connection.

The average cost for an inclusive package deal at the Melia resort is about $1,100. CAD.  The hotel has furnished rooms with AC. The facility has sporting facilities like a pool, tennis courts, games room and even has baby sitting services. Inside the resort are several places to dine.

The inclusive package deal includes some non motorized water activities but other acitivities like deep sea fishing, horseback riding or bike rentals which are not included.
For those who love nature and want to gateway from the hectic city life, there is no better place than Melia Canal. This ecofriendly tourist resort offers a chance to see nature at its very best. Melia Canal offers the best of central America- friendly people, lavish landscape, beautiful scenery and no crime- all you have to do is show up

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