The Most Popular Tourist Activities in Mexico

Sure, you don’t want to be just another one of those tourists that go to the most popular places that typical tourists go to when they are on vacation to certain places. But you have to realize that there has to be a reason why these places are so popular in the first place. Since you are already in the area and booked into one of the Grupo Mayan hotels here, why not indulge in a whim and see what all the fuss is about when it comes to these tourist destinations and popular activities in Mexico?

Attractions in Acapulco

What would a Mexican vacation be without your seeing the famous cliff divers of Acapulco? This is a site to behold as young boys jump from a cliff, which is more than a hundred feet above the water, and into an inlet that is only slightly over 9 feet deep. The cliffs of La Quebrada is one of the greatest tourist attractions in Acapulco, and these divers have been one of the most popular sites here since 1940. You can view these divers while having a snack or a meal at the famous La Perla restaurant, which is right across from where these young men jump into the Pacific. You can even see divers jump at night with lit torches from this restaurant.

Water Taxi Rides in Cabo

You can take a small tour of the many beaches that Cabo San Lucas is famous for. These water taxi rides can be so much fun and can take you from the marina down to Medana Beach and even to a place called Lover’s Beach, which is on the very tip of the Cabo Peninsula. These water taxi boats have glass bottoms that help passengers see the fish that are swimming underfoot, a wonderful sight for children and adults to see.

Jungle Excursions in Puerto Vallarta

For a hippie adventure that you won’t soon forget, you should try and visit Yelapa, which can be reached by foot, by boat, or by mountain biking. This beach village is home to a jungle, a waterfall, and rivers that give you the jungle lifestyle that is uniquely Puerto Vallarta. Also, part of the Puerto Vallarta jungle experience is the canopy tour that gets you to see the flora and the fauna of the region in what may be your most exciting jungle adventure yet. You will be zipped above the treetops to see these wonders and more.

Racing through the Cancun Lagoon

If you are into racing around the beautiful lagoon of Cancun and snorkeling in one of their lovely reefs, the Jungle Tour race of Cancun might just be the adventure for you. You start off with a two-seater speedboat race that gets you to navigate around a maze-like pattern through the lagoon, and you end the race up with a snorkeling adventure in this unique competition that has you exploring the natural wonders of Cancun.

All these unique adventures that bring tourists every year to Mexico can be part of your itinerary, and you can have your Grupo Mayan hotel or resort book any of these adventures and tours for you.

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