The most romantic places to begin your engagement

If you have found the partner of your dreams and decided that you want make a firm commitment to them then you might be thinking of engagement and latter marriage. Suggesting marriage to somebody is no easy thing, and it is one of the most vulnerable positions we can put ourselves in. If the other person says no it can be hard to continue the relationship. It can leave us feeling broken hearted and really damage our self-confidence. This is why it is a good idea to do all you can to ensure that this other person says yes. Certain environments are known as being particularly romantic and more likely to encourage a positive responsible. These will also be a great place to get your engagement off to a good start.

Paris is claimed to be the most Romantic city in the world. It is not possible to walk around this city without your heart becoming stirred. Everywhere you go you will see couples arm in arm. Few people can fail to be touched by the romance in this city and all you need to decide on is where to make your proposal. Will it be one of those sophisticated restaurants or walking along the Champs Elysees? Few people that make their marriage proposal in Paris are disappointed.

Another European city that is a great place to go for a romantic proposal is Venice. This is the city of water and is easily the most attractive city on Earth. The city is made up of 118 different islands that are connected by bridges. The best place for you to make your proposal would be sitting in a gondola while been slowly taken around this the city. If your partner says no to engagement here he or she really has no soul.

If you fancy something a bit more exotic then you might well want to consider the Thai islands. Walking along these pristine beaches is sure to put your partner in the mood for love. Even the most impossible dreams seem achievable in a place like this and whatever doubts your love may have will be driven away by the most romantic sunsets in the world. Once your partner agrees to your plans there is no better place to have your engagement party.

If that person who has captured your heart is more of a material person then you can get them in the mood for romance by taking them on a shopping weekend in New York. This is likely to cost you a fortune, but shopping bags full of luxuries can really put people into a receptive mood. Where better to propose than in Tiffany’s and you will be able to purchase the engagement ring right there in the store.

If you are considering an engagement then there are plenty of locations around the world that you will want to consider. Some people will just prefer not to go anywhere special and the benefit to this is that you won’t be far from your home if you need to close the curtains and hide for a few days.

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