The mountains and rivers of Switzerland

The mountain and river of Switzerland is very famous. The Alps Mountain is very high and long. Many clear lakes and rivers interlace with each other. The rural scenery is like a dream and the townscape is like a picture. All is like twinkling pearls that every Swiss is very proud of.

 There are many mountains which are over thousands meters in Switzerland of which the most famous is Jungfrau that is called “top of Europe” and is listed in the World Natural Bequest Dictionary.

 American writer Mark Twain praised in 1891: “the mane’ Jungfrau’ is so good, (because) there is nothing purer and holier than the girls.”

 The highest train station of Europe is Jungfrau station which is 3454 meters high upon the sea level. We arrive at the highest station of Europe by a train in fresh color. Step onto the snow over the mountaintop, you will feel naturally the sky is so high and the cloud is so soft. There, Jungfrau is standing like a nice young girl, wearing a long, snowwhite and glorious skirt.    

 Jungfrau is not only the best place for some people who love to mountaineering and skiing, but also the best place for people to spend holidays. If you don’t be fond of sport, you can consider to enjoy the scenery of jokul in the Sphinx Watching Hall, or to visit the Super Ice Palace which is excavated using the thousands years ice.

 Even you can feel relaxing when you walking on the mountain road as the scenery of both sides of the road is so beautiful that you will forget all of your annoyance. There are two train routes between Jungfrau and Interlaken which is a small town at the foot of the mountain. Most travelers get on the mountain in a route and get down in another route. The train is so slowly that you can have a good look of many beautiful sights of the Jungfrau.

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