The National Planetarium In Kuala Lumpur

Housing astronomy exhibitions, The National Planetarium is one of the most sought after tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur.
The museum showcases astronomy exhibits, space, science, a working observatory and 3D movies that make it an incredible place for a great educational experience. The National Planetarium is positioned superbly on top of a hill in the Lake Gardens and close to the National Mosque which is a beautiful blue-domed building. It occupies a land area of 32 acres and is managed by Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment of Malaysia. The building area is approximately 120,000 square feet.
This exceptional centre for space studies, aims at educating and creating awareness among the common people. The exclusive space theatre screens space shows and 3D movies while the main hall features a permanent collection of space science. A significant exhibit at the main hall is the Arianne IV space engine which was among the engines used to launch the first Malaysian satellite into space. The Observatory is equipped with a 14-inch telescope which offers visitors a unique experience.
Opened 1994, The National Planetarium extends to a theme park where visitors can view replicas of ancient observatories. The theme park is connected to the Planetarium by an overhead pedestrian bridge.
The viewing gallery, observatory institute and prehistoric observatory park at the National Planetarium are all of immense educational value for the entire family. This outstanding space museum is open for public viewing on a daily basis except on Fridays from 10 am to 4 pm. Visitors over 12 years will have to pay an extra entry charge while 3-D space shows may also cost extra.

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