The Occult "Quarter Trick" & Penis Enlargement

There's an old "occult" trick called the "Quarter Trick" that has been used to develop occult abilities. How does this relate to Penis Enlargement?

First of all, the word "occult" simply means "hidden" or not accessible or much-interesting to the general public. "Occult" teachings are not evil or Satanic, per se; though there are some evil sides to some branches of certain occult teachings. The "Quarter Trick" is simply a European-Occultist technique on how to develop and train yourself to get what you want out of life – No matter what it is.

The Quarter Trick has to do with re-wiring your mind to look (and find) something that you are not aware of. Once you become aware of its existence, then it is easy to find. You do begin to do this, unconsciously, through a conscious frame-of-mind, to find what you are looking for.

For this method, you tell yourself that there are coins to be found all over the place. You realize that they slip out of people's pockets when they get their keys out, that they fall through their pockets if they have holes in their pockets, that people toss away coins that they feel have little value, and so on …

So one starts to tell themselves that they will start to find these coins. As you go out for a leisure walk, walk to your car, walk to the bus-stop, walk in a parking lot, walk around in a park, and the myriad of places you may visit during the day; you want to be aware of all of these coins laying about. And as you know these coins are all over the place, you will begin to see them on your journeys.

The thing of it is, if you are not looking for the coins; and if you do not know the coins are out there, you will never find them. Once you start to re-program your mind to realize the existence of these coins … Well, they just start popping up all over the place. If you really get into the technique, you can not hardly go anywhere without finding these coins.

(Important note: If you find a coin, no matter if it is even a penny, pick it up. By not picking up the coin, you reinforce to your unconscious mind that you do not need money. Well, maybe you do not … But the point is, if you are given such a gift, accept it, no matter the value of it. This allows your mind to continually be open to the prospect of finding these coins and increasing your wealth and the continual abundance of wealth to come your way.)

So, you're probably wondering: "What does this have to do with penis enlargement?"

Well, the answer is simple: You can not find something you are not looking for. If you are serious about penis enlargement and want to increase your size, you must be constantly working at it and striving to find the answer which will enlarge your penis. Re-programming your mind to realize that penis enlargement is a reality and that you can not only find the answers to your enlargement questions; but that you can also utilize these techniques will allow you to actually "find" a method of enlarging yourself. But if you do not "know" what it is that you are looking for, you're likely to never find it.

There are many options in penis enlargement. Sort of like the Quarter Trick. You can tell yourself that you are going to walk in the park today and find a treasure chest full of gold. Of course, there is an extremely slim chance that you will find a treasure chest, but chances are you will not. You have to be down-to-earth in your desires and realize that you can find the probable or possible, but hardly the improbable or impossible.

The same point-of-view lies in penis enlargement. If you think that you are going to find a magic pill or patch that will give you five inches in a week's time, without any work or effort on your part; well, it's probable that you will not find that magical potion that will enlarge your penis.

But if you take a logical and realistic approach, and realize that there are methods of penis enlargement that give tangible results; then knowing this will allow you to take advantage of these hidden treasures.

Our experience shows us that enlarging oneself through natural penis exercises actually works and provides real results. Do your homework and explore this method of enlargement. Once you see the data and experiences that other men have had, then consider them your coins on the street. Now that you know they exist, you will be able to find them; then by utilizing them, you will be able to enlarge yourself without the disappointment of methods that do not give any worthwhile results.

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