The pros and cons of California Individual Health Insurance

Under the current health care scenario, a right health care policy is perhaps the most important survival kit. One good thing about the situation is that there is absolutely no shortage of these survival kits. In a large and lovely state like California, there are plenty of California Individual Health Insurance providers, and group plan providers, jostling with each other for space. The big job here is to compare and contrast and get the cheapest available quote.

An important thing to remember about health insurance in CA is that premium rates and the extent and quality of coverage vary substantially based on geographic location. So, when shopping around for an affordable California Individual Health Insurance quote, it is important that one checks for the types of coverage available in the area of one’s zip code.

In many states, individual health care plans are more expensive than group insurances. But California Individual Health Insurance is a slightly different equation. The premium rate of each policy is decided on the merits of that specific case so that there are instances where individual health insurance in CA works out cheaper than group health plans. The crux of the matter is that if you are reasonably healthy you may be able to make a big bargain with you California Individual Health Insurance policy.

In a group health coverage where people are working in high-risk conditions, or where the group has within it high-risk candidates or those with pre-existing conditions, the plan may turn out to be expensive. Still entry into group coverage is not too difficult under the provisions of health insurance in CA because more often than not after a wait of six months or one year to remove the taboo of a pre-existing medical condition, employees are allowed entry into a group plan. As against this, insurance companies have stringent conditions for selling California Individual Health Insurance plans to applicants.

To decide the eligibility of an applicant for California Individual Health Insurance, the insurance provider might scan his medical history back to one whole decade. If there is the history of a heart problem or cancer, the applicant is likely to be ineligible for individual health insurance in CA. Problems like asthma or blood pressure may warrant a higher premium, while those in the best of health are likely to win a California Individual Health Insurance policy at a comparatively low premium. Those who thus become eligible for a cheap individual health insurance in CA might opt to buy a California Individual Health Insurance rather than submit to a group plan, which provides insufficient coverage.

While this aspect of California Individual Health Insurance is beneficial to those who are in good health, it is the worst choice for those who are not. Their refuge is the high-risk health insurance pool, which is funded partially by the state legislature and covers people with chronic conditions.

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