The Strip Club: The Unwritten Rules

The strip club is a great place for men to go alone or together to enjoy themselves and have a fun night filled with beautiful women and plenty of great drinks. However, if you’ve never been or are starting to get the feeling like you’re not welcome at your favorite strip club, you could be in need of a little etiquette lesson. Every strip club has a list of unwritten rules that should be generally followed no matter where you go. These rules will make your experience more enjoyable, less awkward, and will prevent you from being thrown out on the street by a burly bouncer.

Sometimes club will have a written dress code, but they are the exception. Even if there is no such code, you should follow one yourself. That doesn’t mean you have to put on your nicest suit and tie to head out to the establishment. It means you don’t have the green light to wear loose fitting pants where certain things might be more visible than they otherwise would be. Show some class and wear a normal pair of jeans or slacks. The girls at these establishments deserve more respect than that.

Tipping isn’t optional. If you are one of those people that always hems and haws about leaving a tip at your favorite restaurant, the strip club is not the place for you. These places don’t work like normal jobs. Many times, the dancers actually have to pay the club a fee to be allowed to perform. Even then, a nice percentage of the door is going straight back to overhead. That means the dancers depend heavily on the tips they receive. Not only is it expected, you will find you are treated much better by the girls if you aren’t afraid to flash a little green around.

Remember that the friendliness, on some level, is always an act. It’s fine to suspend disbelief to some degree and pretend that the girl is really into you. That is, after all, part of the fun of the strip club. But you have to keep your head screwed on right. Unless it happens to be that type of establishment (and someone will let you know if it is), there aren’t going to be any sexual favors going on, for a price or otherwise. Therefore, don’t ask about it and don’t try to initiate it. This is by far the fastest way to get hurt on your way out the door, never to be allowed back again.

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