The Top Windsurfing Destinations

Windsurfing is a sport that reached its commercial climax in the latter 70’s when 1 out of 3 homes had windsurfing gear. With the rise of more petite, travelling to windy destinations changed into a must amongst enthusiasts.

Amongst the years, a few locations became famous. All of them enjoy yearly weather conditions that provide more reliable winds than at home.
around the globe, a few places get powerful trustworthy winds in a categorical period of the year. They are called trade winds and were first seen and utilised by Spanish sailing boats since the fifteenth century. The Canary Islands, also known as the fortunate Islands are in possession of north-easterly winds from April to September and have become over the last 20 years a top windsurf destination for european windsurfers. Many have resided there to fulfil their zeal and canarians became huge in the circut. Mythical surfers have been born and bread from here.
Around Europe, a few places have become hugely popular with windsurfers. The EU Mecca isn’t any doubt, Tarifa , which is located in southern Spain. It is known to have more than 280 breezy days above force four with prevailing Ponente and Levante winds. Tarifa rose from a small fishing hamlet to a town totally devoted to wind and parties!

An addional preferred spot in Europe, although not big waves is the lakes of Italy. The vicinity of the hills and the range of degrees celcius between the water and moutains create a powerful wind that is very on time any specific day.

a particularly trustworthy destination in the Med is the Island of Rhodes. The Aegean Sea is famous for its north wind during summer and it somehow is even stronger on this island, especially in the south. Prassonissi spot offers both waves and flat water, appropriate for newbies or professionals. You can see pros compete here at

On the other side of the Atlantic, the Caribbean’s are also in possession of trade winds, though not as strong as the ones Canary Islands receive. The Republican republic and its village Cabarete is the reference in the area for wave riding. British Virgin Isles are also very hot with free riders as water is flat and breeze is lighter. Brazil and its north coast is the new attraction generally because the Nordeste winds blow consistently virtually all year round.

In the US itself, one of the most well liked places around is Oregon and the Gorges. Just like Lake Guardia the vicinity of hills creates high winds on the Hood stream, and freestyle surfing is an absolute must. You can search for surfing holiday

From the land of hawaii, to so many the Jerusalem of windsurfing is without doubt the most asked for destination. It is the magical spot any enthusiast wants to hit once or more in his life or kitesurfing holiday

. Long beach is maybe the most snapped and referenced windsurf spot in the whole planet. If you want to become somebody in the little community of pro windsurfers, it is the the dream location.


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