The Uniqueness of a Moleskine Diary

Moleskine is the word used for the legendary notebook used by many of the European artists, writers and intellectuals who made a big impression on the culture of the twentieth-century: everyone from Henri Matisse to Ernest Hemingway used to love these notebooks. The famous writer and traveller Bruce Chatwin was the one that really made the phenomenon famous. A moleskine diary is usually made in a rectangular shape with pages that are normally lined or blank with the leaves are held together with the use of a rubber band. This type of diary also has a pocket that can hold loose paper and of course, bound in ‘moleskine’ thus the name.

This diary is a good traveling accessory that can be used to store notes, thoughts, impressions and all kinds of stories. Some people say that his kind of diary is more expensive than a regular notebook, and while that may be true, moleskine notebooks are better than ordinary notebooks in many ways, and at least they are cheaper than a PDA. So if you want something more unique than a plain notebook to help promote your business and help clients keep their notes in, why not try one of these diaries.

Persons who receive these diaries can add other things than just random notes to them too. They are normally used for wish lists, to write down ideas for presents to family and friends, reviews of things such as restaurants and movies, names of books or wines that you don’t want to forget, sketches, snippets of song lyrics, quotes or poems, phone numbers, addresses, top ten lists, and much more. The possibilities are really endless, as a moleskine diary is such a personal thing that each person really has to decide themselves what they want to use them for.

You can get these types of diaries as either monthly diaries, weekly diaries or planners, day to day planners and diaries, and you can also get them in many colours and in leather.

Moleskine diaries are really excellent promotional item that your clients can carry with them where ever they go. On occasions like these, you need to capture your ideas and thoughts on paper before you forget them, and these diaries really help you do that in an easy way.

These diaries also make great gifts as they are so useful, but most people don’t really go out and buy them for themselves, as they are still seen as luxury items (even though they are not that expensive!) so it’s one of those things that you want, but never get around to getting, as something else always comes in the way. So how great wouldn’t it be to get one for free, as a thoughtful and classy gift?

So if you are looking for a present that really shows that you care about someone, giving them a diary like this is really a wonderful and thoughtful (and even romantic, if that is relevant in your case) way of doing exactly that. You will bring some old world charm into the modern world without losing any practicality as a moleskine diary is extremely useful even today.

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