Things to do in Fundu Lagoon, Zanzibar

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Fundu Lagoon is one of the best locations within the Island of Pemba that is a part of the Zanzibar archipelago. The island is home to a huge number of beautiful beaches. Fundu Lagoon is located at the south west coast of the island.

The island is an excellent destination that offers much in terms of peace and quiet. There are a huge number of peaceful locales where you can simply relish the silence, and enjoy some downtime from the rat race and its pressures.

Of course, not to say that Pemba Island is only for those who like to relax and stay inactive. Simply because the island has a huge variety of water sports on offer, particularly diving. The diving here has been said to be among the best in the world.

There are a good number of diving spots here that are among the best diving sites in the locality. There are a huge number of other options as well, such as kayaking as well as snorkeling. The island is also home to a fully equipped PADI Resort Dive Center.

There are a number of attractions within Pemba Island located close to Fundu Lagoon that make for an extremely rewarding destination. The Pemba Mesali Marine Sanctuary is well worth a visit, if you want to see unique marine animal sights including game fish such as barracuda, manta and eagle rays.

The beaches at Mesali are some of the best options if you love beaches. There are a number of nature tours on offer along the nature trails and turtle nesting beaches in the region, with trained wardens. There are a number of interesting thisngs to do in Zanzibar, diving in Mnemba Island is spectacular activity as it is one of the most famous dive sites in Zanzibar.