Things you can do in Panama

The modern capital of Panama, Panama City is enhanced with pleasant shopping centers and restaurants. Considered one of the safest cities in the world, it gives one a freedom to discover and take pleasure in the amenities it offers.

The country, however, has much more to offer than its wonderful capital city. Here are some of the exciting things you can do and enjoy while in the country.

Visit the Panama Canal

Often labeled as the “eight wonder of the world” and the best of the tourist attractions, the Panama Canal is a must-see destination and should be on top of your list. Many cruises are also offered and presented which features a trip down the canal. It presents fascinating historical and interactive displays of life on and at the canal and find out why it has been said as one of the greatest engineering achievements of human kind.

Holidays at its Parks

A quarter of Panama’s land are stanched to its national parks. The country is also known for its rainforests and ecological riches. The Metropolitan Park is also among the top visited destinations in the Panama. In these national parks the variety and mixture of flora and fauna are simply amazing. You can also take a guided tour to learn all about these native flora and fauna.

Take a Panama adventure

Travelers who adventurous, you can climb mountains and hike to the top of a 10,000-foot extinct volcano in the Volcan Baru National Park. Panama is also boasting its pristine beaches with exceptionally clear and shallow waters. In the many beaches of Panama, you can go surfing, scuba diving and snorkeling. For a unique Panama scuba diving experience, you might take to one of the lakes found within the Panama Canal Zone. In Boquete, Panama, travel center, you can go horse back riding, ATV exploring, white water rafting and volcano hiking. Tourists can also go island shopping because the country has hundreds of small island islets that are pieces of its tropical paradise.

Learn its culture

Panama is houses seven living and existing Native American cultures. In tours that range from short daytrips to extended stays, the ancient wonders of these cultures can be explored and studied. In a choice of locals and settings, travelers may observe and study native cultures, including those of the Embera, Kuna and Ngobe, and cultures and traditions that have survived centuries with few changes and transformations.

Trying your luck at Casinos

Enjoying some time in a casino can also be done here in Panama if you enjoy a bit of gambling and if you are looking for some other fun and pleasurable things to do. The country has many casinos that are well visited by its locales and its tourists. Most of these casinos are located in its capital city are run by government and private businessmen. Profits and earnings are used to support and sustain good causes like hospitals and charities.

Go shopping

Shopping in Panama has drawn a lot of attention from tourists that is why it is called the “shopper’s paradise”. Make the most of Panama’s excellent shopping because of its position as a crossing point between oceans has made it a major commercial route.

Identified as the crossroads of the world because of its role and its natural man-made wonders, Panama is surely to fascinate, educate and satisfy its tourists and travelers.

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