Tijuana Mexcio; a nearby destination for excellence in Medical Care

For decades Tijuana Mexico has been a destination for Americans looking for medical treatments they could not get at home.  Today Americans are traveling to Tijuana in even greater numbers than before.  Now instead to looking for an obscure teatment or a medical miracle, they are going to Tijuana as Medical Tourists, seeking out state of the art treatments for conditions too costly to treat at home.  These treatments include Cardiovascular Surgery, Orthopedic Implants, Oncology and Stem Cell Therapy

There has been an increase in cross border cooperation between San Diego and Tijuana.  San Diego is one of the great medical and bioscience research centers in the US.  Many doctors from Mexico have received their medical training in San Diego.  Some of these doctors, in addition to their practices in the US, have begun offering services in Tijuana Mexico.  They have initiated this cross-border effort to be able to offer their services easily and inexpensively to those who could not afford the same procedures in an American Hospital.  A hospital founded by such Mexican-American physicians is Centro Medico Excel, a large full service medical center located in the upscale Rio Zone of Tijuana.

At this unique hospital, Americans from San Diego and cities across America, take a short ride across the border for medical care that was either was too costly to get at home, or to get treatments, available now in Mexico, but still awaiting approval in the United States.  Hospital Excel has 150 specialists covering 26 medical specialties.  The latest diagnostics and treatments include; 64 slice CT scanning, ultrasound, stem cell treatments, hyperbaric oxygen, lithoripsy, and transplants.

In addition to conventional medicine, Hospital Excel has now opened Bioscience Research Institute, a unique facility offering Complementary and Alternative Medicine within the context of a full service medical center.  In just a year of service they have seen excellent clinical results with many difficult conditions including cancer,  arthritis, multiple sclerosis and diabetes.  These are typically conditions which conventional medicine alone has little success treating.

Centro Medico Excel has an office in Chula Vista California, and may be reached at  800-211-0690.

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