Tips for Offering Your Toddler Appropriate Toys at Various Stages of Growth

You are enjoying the growth of your toddler and at the same time wondering about what toys you should bring her.

Well, as she is in her phase of learning to walk, push and pull along toys are perfect for her.

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Push and pull long toys hone the skills your toddler may already have built, e.g. pushing herself up from a sitting position and then pulling herself to stand up.

The next big step is walking and push and pull toys are helpful in that. At Tiny Tiny Shop Shop, you’ll get a wide range of push and pull toys.

When your toddler holds a push toy, he has something to support and direct him while walking. He will learn to look ahead and make sure he bypasses obstructions.

This is also useful for boosting his confidence and teaching him to be more coordinated while getting around.

When your toddler becomes around 15 months old, she may be capable of pushing a robust toy with wheels, like a trolley with blocks. However, for doing that, she should be on a level floor.

Another phase will arise in your toddler’s life at 18 months of age when he may enjoy using his newly discovered skill of helping you in your housework. E.g. he may try to push a toy broom as a part of cleanup.

Using a push toy is easier than using a pull toy. While pulling, she may have to keep her arm behind her and look back time and again to make sure her toy is alright.

But along with this, she may also have to ensure she doesn’t collide with anything. She may not get enough time to do all these; so, be prepared to give a lot of hugs and comfort her if she has a collision.

At two years of age, your toddler will get ample practice of pulling and pushing. He will be able to easily pull and push his trolley of blocks.

He will also be able to pull small toys like a pull-along animal on wheels, while maintaining a steady path.

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Encourage Your Toddler to Try out Pulling and Pushing

Toddlers love to imitate elders. Hence a toy version of anything you use will become popular.

For example, a toy shopping trolley or wheelbarrow of her size is perfect, particularly as she can fill and empty it, which is one more activity popular among toddlers.

Once your toddler gets a good sense of balance and is getting around well on his feet, it’s a good idea to give him an animal pull-toy which he can take for a walk.

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Especially toys that make noises and/or bob up and down while dragging are very much popular among toddlers.

Such durable push along toys from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop are also helpful in practising balancing, even while your toddler is distracted.

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Giving Ride-on Toys

Once your toddler understands that she can move with the help of her legs, she will be eager to use them to move around by herself on wheels.

Before using a ride-on toy, your toddler will have to become a confident walker. When she is, give her a ride-on toy that should be low enough so that she can push it with her feet.

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There are easy-to-grip handles and four wheels on a ride-on toy. Once your baby gets the feel of making use of her feet to push the toy forward, she may get an idea of alternating the feet when she will understand that this can move her even faster.

You will thoroughly enjoy this step-by-step development of your toddler when you’ll offer him appropriate toys at various stages.

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