Tips: How To Take Macro Photographs

The macro photography, also known as macro or close-up photography is a fascinating discipline that requires great technical skill and a certain level of equipment. Usually, macro photography is used to capture large insects detail, plants or objects of a very small size, this skill can also be complemented by photo quality enhancer.

Learn Some Tips To Start Your First Steps In this Extraordinary Discipline

  1. Know Your Camera.

According to experts in macro photography, it is best to ensure that you can get good macro photographs with virtually any camera, taking into account the limitations of each. In fact, nowadays even cell phone cameras already have a scene mode dedicated to macro photographs, however, it is advisable to have a reflex camera and equip it with a lens that is designed for all macro photography (it is said, that can focus at a very short distance) or, failing that, with extensor tubes that we can use to achieve our goal.

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  1. Take Care of Light Levels.

The idea is to be able to use natural light, placing the lens so close to the subject there is a risk that you block the light – especially if you are using a lens hood. So you must adjust the exposure carefully, and monitor the projection of undesirable shadows of the target in the image, you may have to resort to artificial lighting such as ring flashes.

  1. Use the Flash Carefully.

Unless you have an annular flash, it is probably best to do without it. Because the lens is usually so close to the subject, the flash casts undesirable shadows on the image.

If you cannot achieve the correct exposure, it is possible that you reach it just by raising the ISO sensitivity, also if the subject is fixed and you use a tripod you can increase the shutter speed, taking into account that the whole environment has to remain still, which is a real challenge when it comes to light flowers and insects.

  1. Use Manual Focus

One of the factors that most influence when it comes to achieving a good macro photography is the approach, which is usually complicated and you may have to resort to manual mode, the problem is that it is not easy to focus by hand on small subjects and that they move, so we will have no choice but to practice.

  1. Learn to Find Suitable Subjects

Although macro photography is almost always related to photos of insects and flowers, the truth is that many everyday elements can be good subjects for this type of photography. To learn to see them, we must look at the small details that surround us; you can start using leaves, stones, trunks, etc.