Top 3 HEPA Air Purifiers from KENT to Improve the Indoor Air Quality

Air purifiers have turned out to be a basic necessity in India and they are no more an appliance that symbolizes luxury. The drastically increasing level of pollution across the country is the reason why an air purifier has become a necessity for every home.

Considering this increasing pollution level, if you decide to buy an air purifier and start doing your research, you will find several options in the market. However, the models that come with HEPA air purification technology would be your best bet. When it comes to HEPA purifiers, KENT, one of the leading brands, provides the best models. Listed below are Kent’s top 3 HEPA air purifiers.

  • Kent Alps Plus

Kent Alps Plus tops the list. Offering very high Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 400 m3 /hr, it keeps track of the room’s ventilation and circulating air. The real-time and practical monitoring incubates quality check mechanisms and helps clean the room’s air to make it better.

The advanced HEPA technology aims at clearing 99.97 percentage of all the pollutants, which are over 0.3 microns. Impact, interception and diffusion are the different stages of air purification in this model. The product has an indicator to show air quality and an ionizer as an air freshener. The quality of air is indicated by any one of the three bright lights, while the density of air is shown on the digital display.

  • Kent Alps

Kent Alps is another great choice of air purifier to get rid of all the contaminants that deteriorate the quality of air. It comes with vast scale advancements and works based on the scientifically proven concept of HEPA purification. HEPA technology cleans 99% of the air contaminants.

Being appropriate for a room with an area of 43 square-meters, this air purifier is an apt solution for getting rid of Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM). Activated carbon enhances the natural aroma by filtering the bad odour. The brilliant design makes it compatible with all kinds of room décor. It is a great choice of air purifier for both homes and offices.

  • Kent Eternal

Kent Eternal is an elegant and efficient HEPA purifier from India’s leading air purifier brand. Along with efficiently removing the air pollutants, it also imparts a natural freshness to the circulating air. The inbuilt filter clears 99% of the deadly impurities.

The process of air purification is divided into three phases, namely impact, interception and diffusion. The quality monitoring system is integrated with an internal sensor, which senses the air quality and indicates it through LED lights in 4 colours- Red, Pink, Light Blue and Blue. The targeted contaminants include pollen, spores, moulds, mites and more.

With these highly efficient HEPA air purifier models, you don’t have look beyond Kent for more choices. Evaluate your needs and choose the right model so that you can breathe in fresh air at least when you are indoors.

Danny White Author