Top 5 States For Traveling Nurses

Do you have a desire to move about, see the country, and gain valuable nursing experience? Travel nurse jobs may be just the career that you are looking for. As a traveling nurse, you are able to move about from state to state, city to city and work in different environments in various hospitals. There are huge advantages to this nomadic nurse. The best is being able to choose where you wish to work. 

California comes in at the top of the list. The west coast, with its sandy beaches, postcard sunsets, mountains, and other wonderful sites, is perfect for just about any traveling nurse. A state as long as California is easy to travel in for different climates, if you like to keep to more mild weather. The healthcare field is booming in California, along with its population. Traveling nurse jobs will be in high demand in this state. Within the next decade, California is going to need over a quarter of a million nurses. This will offer opportunities for years to come.

Florida, the tropical paradise of the east coast, comes in second on the list. Mild winters are found in northern Florida, while the southern tip of Florida maintains its warm climate almost year round. Florida is a destination for many retirees, and almost 3 million of the citizens in Florida are over the age of 65. This means that there is a constant demand for nursing. Nursing demand is expected to grow. Florida is an excellent state, with no income tax, and plenty of sights and distractions for when you are not working.

Third place goes to New York. New York offers a variety of settings from urban to rural life. It has small towns and, of course, the biggest of cities. New York City, The Big Apple, The City that Never Sleeps; no matter what it is called, it always has something for you to do. Nursing in the city or in the rural countryside is high in demand. Here there can be found a cultural and exciting variety of living styles. Since most hospitals pay for a modest apartment, the higher cost of housing is rarely an issue to the traveling nurse.

Ohio comes in fourth place of this list. The balance of the Midwestern lifestyle and its large urban centers provide a huge opportunity to traveling nurses. Traveling nurses taking jobs here can expect that the need for them will continue to grow. It is estimated that close to 150,000 nurses will be needed over the next decade. With the wide expanse of land, and three major cities, there are plenty of opportunities for traveling nurse jobs in Ohio.

Finally the great state of Pennsylvania finalizes the list. There is a current high demand for healthcare workers. These positions range from nurses to CNA’s. Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are not only great population centers to find work, but loaded with historical and brilliant night-life. Traveling nurses that have an interest in history or politics will enjoy living in this place where our country was born.

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