Top Auckland Destinations For Art Lovers

One of the top destinations for road trippers on a campervan hire new zealand journey is the sparkling city of Auckland. Not only is this gorgeous city a thriving and exciting place with lots of good eats, entertainment, and nearby outdoor activities, but it’s also a destination for art lovers. There are a variety of museums in the city from well-established museums to smaller galleries featuring a large number of exiting styles and genres. Any art lover is advised to do their research before hitting Auckland so that you can be assured you don’t miss anything. A good place to start is these top destinations that are well known to artistic-minded travelers to the Auckland region.

Gow Langsford

This gallery has gained a reputation as the most cutting edge collection in the city. Operating since the 80s, the Gow Langsford currently has two sites where the exhibitions range from sculpture to painting to photographer and include work from renowned worldwide artists and locals as well. There are eve a few Andy Warhol pieces on the property, so you will definitely want to make the Gow Langsford one of your stops.

Two Rooms

This is an exceedingly chic gallery that has been attracting discerning locals as well as travelers for many years. Set in a converted warehouse space within a district known for its art galleries, Two Rooms features a large gallery and a smaller gallery on the second floor. The exhibitions are eclectic and feature a very wide mix of styles and artists. Make sure you check the calendar hitting the city so that you can pinpoint an exhibition you will be interested in attending.


The coolest thing about Artspace is that it’s a DIY space that is completely non-commercial in nature. This is an innovative and sometimes controversial gallery that isn’t afraid to take great risks and spark debates. Experimental art is the name of the game here, with featured artists who challenge the limits of artistic expression and create in abstract fashions. This is the place to come if you wish to be challenged by unconventional and sometimes even confrontational works in a forward thinking environment. You really won’t find another gallery like this one in Auckland, or perhaps even in the world, so make sure not to miss it when you’re in town.

Object Space

This gallery is dedicated to functional art that you can wear or use. The exhibits mostly feature local artists, meaning you will get a taste of some unfamiliar talent if you aren’t from the region. This is also the only gallery in the city that is dedicated to the applied arts, which include jewelry, garments, and a wide range of other useful and stylish pieces. Anyone on a campervan hire new zealand journey looking to get to know some local artists would be highly advised to stop through Object Space.

Te Tuhi

This is more than just an art gallery. Te Tuhi also has public events such as performances, open discussions, and live talks, There are open air performances as well. This space is known for attracting a vibrant and trendy local crowd of artists, characters, and more to its many exhibitions and events. If you were looking for a community gathering place where you can check out great art by both local and international artists and also get to mingle with locals and fellow visitors, then Te Tuhi will be your place to visit in Auckland. There are classes here as well, so why not take one while in town?

Pah Homestead

This historic building is the site of the bank Wallace Arts Centre which features a well curated collection as well as many exhibits throughout the year from a variety of local and international artists. This space is well known for its touring shows, so check the schedule to see what will be showing when you’re in town. The collection here runs to over 5,000 pieces so the permanent collection is always well worth checking out. Plus, the building has been restored to its mazing original condition and features an amazing sculpture garden. Overall the Pah Homestead is a well curated and aesthetically pleasing gallery that is highly recommended for any Auckland visitor.

Auckland is an art lover’s dream with its wide range of contemporary galleries and historic museums to choose from. No matter the day of the week, there will be something to see that will stimulate your mind and senses somewhere in this city. Anybody moving through Auckland on a campervan hire new zealand journey would be highly advised to seek out the thriving and exciting local art scene taking place in this city. This is just one of the many features of Auckland, making this scenic and exciting city a must see for art loving travelers.