Top Five Destinations For Study Abroad

In today’s tough job market, many college students are looking for ways to improve their chances of landing a great job.  One of those ways can include time spent in a foreign country.  Because commerce is global, a student who has any type of overseas living and studying experience tends to stand out over those who do not.  Because of this, earning college and university credits at a foreign college or university is one way that students satisfy this growing employment trend.  If you are considering this option, you might be wondering where you should study.  The top five destinations for study abroad include college in Australia, New Zealand, China, Korea and Italy.

Consider study abroad in Australia.  Here you can earn college credits over the course of a semester, a summer or year abroad.  Students can also earn their entire bachelors or masters degrees abroad if they so choose.  

When looking at options for study abroad, New Zealand offers several great choices.  The University of Auckland, located in New Zealand’s largest city, remains a popular study destination for students.  Although the university is in an urban setting, you are still very close to beaches, mountains and places to hike and bike.  Another benefit that comes from spending time in New Zealand is that English is the native language, and your classes will be taught in English, making the transition to study in a foreign country much easier.

If you want experience in an Asian country, think about opportunities for study abroad in China or study abroad in Korea.  Students see the value of studying at a Chinese university because so many people in the world speak Mandarin Chinese, so having the opportunity to learn the language and be immersed in the culture offer benefits for after school, when you are seeking employment. Many programs do not have any language requirements. Students from the United States and Canada come to study abroad in Korea because universities there are known for their excellence in communication and information technology.  

Students also choose to study in Europe.  Many find that study abroad in Italy works well for them.  If you want to learn in depth, you can choose to take language courses and local culture classes, although you will find that at least some or all of the courses you take will be taught in English when you study abroad.  Italy offers great food and people with friendly personalities.  You can enjoy world-class art as well when studying in Italy.

No matter where you choose to study abroad, you will pick up educational, linguistic and cultural benefits that can be used on the job.

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