Top New Year Events and Dance Parties Locations 2011

New Year celebrations remain incomplete without big upscale events and parties. The entire world gears up to welcome the year ahead with a festive spirit. Dinner dance parties and New Year events featuring musical shows, midnight countdown, and firework displays form a significant part of the celebrations. During December 31 and January 1, almost the entire world plays home to a number of events both public and private in form. Celebrations of a Gregorian New Year is generally marked by feasts, dance, and fireworks display. Featuring a great appeal between both the young and adult, these New Year Dinner Dance Parties 2011 have almost become a rage in present days.

In general, the hotels, bars, restaurants, and private venues of different cities plays host to the events and dance parties. The highlights of these events are grand feasts, New Year special recipes, wine, and beer. A New Year event is best complimented with a dinner dance party that holds great attraction among the young generation planning to celebrate the eve with friends.  Popular cities in USA like, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York features a number of dance events to ring in the New Year celebrations. Among European cities, top choices include London, Scotland, Italy, Paris, and Venice.

New Year dinner parties and events often run for a period of time beginning from the time of Christmas until New Year. The popular stretch being, December 24 to January 2. Usually, the dance parties on New Year’s Eve begin after dinner and the toast raising and continue until midnight. The dinner dance balls during the New Year are generally, organized in community centers, theaters, and city halls. The dance parties are often based on a theme and restrict a dress code for the visitors. Countries that follow the lunar calendar in its New Year celebration like, China features the internationally renowned lion dance parties. These dance parties are usually based on a theme and witnesses participants joining in colorful costume dresses of lion, tiger, and other animals.

In USA, vibrant and entertaining cities like, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Miami plays host to a number of dance parties. The entertainment capital of USA, Las Vegas is known for its extravagant New Year events and also Las Vegas dance parties are breathtaking. With Las Vegas Strip featuring as the major entertainment zone, you will find many hotels, restaurants, and bars along with private venues playing the sound of music. You can not only enjoy a dance here, but also get to taste mouth – watering delicacies along with exotic wines

London, ranks as another preferable and top choice of parties and events in the European continent. The city in UK is famous for being home to exciting dinner dance events during the time of New Year. Featuring live band performances, the hotels with adjoining restaurant and bars lays the perfect ambience to ring in the celebrations. You can also opt to celebrate New Year aboard a London boat cruise on Thames River offering packages for bothdinner, bar, and deck dances.

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