Top Ten Vacation Spots in America

Everyone enjoys going on vacation. Whether it is with family, friends or even alone it is a time of stress free relaxation and enjoyment. What may not be enjoyable though is deciding where to take that special vacation. With so many options and choices it is hard to narrow it down to that chosen destination. Here are the top ten vacation spots in America to hopefully make that task just a bit easier and to also see where others have gone and enjoyed.

Number one on the list of Top Ten Vacation Spots In America would be none other than Walt Disney World. Situated in Orlando, Florida with its huge theme park attraction it has been a favorite of countless people throughout the years. It is number one in fun, rides and attractions and people return back year after year never bored of what it has to offer. It caters to all ages, from the very young to the very old. One quick tip though, the time of year you go can make all the difference. It is a wise decision to always consider the weather and the amount of people that usually visit at the time of your designated vacation.

Another wonderful travel spot is Yellowstone National Park. People flock there every year to see the show that the geyser Old Faithful puts on every 76 minutes, truly amazing. Rounding up the top three on the top ten vacation spots in America is the Grand Canyon. Its beauty and majestic draws many there each and every year, it’s truly a jaw dropping natural wonder and people are amazed by its beauty.

Other sites and attractions that should be included on this list include also, Washington D.C. noted for its wonderfully historic monuments, New York City for its vast selection of television and movie tours and incredible shopping and dining experiences, Hollywood, California to visit their production studio’s and view celebrity homes and lifestyles, Historic Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and historic Boston, Massachusetts for their rich history and contributions to America, America’s wild west to be transported back in time to when the cowboys and Indians were around and lastly, visiting the beautiful American Lighthouses which are always ensconced in history and beauty.

It is obvious that when deciding where to travel in America there is many wonderful, interesting choices. This great nation of ours is filled to the rafters with beauty, history and fun. Many people have developed their own list of Top Ten Vacation Spots In America and you can do exactly that as well. When deciding what particular destination to add to your own list of the top ten vacation spots, remember to take time of year you are traveling, family budget, personal preferences and interests into consideration before you decide to go on that very special trip. When putting all that into consideration and then choosing wisely you will be guaranteed to have a vacation experience that you will never forget.

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