Top Things You Need to Know about the Red Light District

Over the last couple of years, Amsterdam has become a top European destination. Not only that the unique architecture of the city is a major draw, but its cultural heritage also comprises as an attraction point. Nonetheless, before planning a visit to this city, there are some things you should note. You might have heard of the famous or notorious Red Light District – depending on how you put it, as the Red Light District is associated with both positive and negative connotations.

Introducing the Red Light District

Locally referred to as de Wallen, the Red Light District represents the oldest part of the city. As a result, you’re likely to stumble across a wide range of historic sites, mirroring the city’s long, rich history. In addition to that, you might be surprised to find out that there are numerous world-class museums and historic buildings, as well. This is why you should definitely add it to your itinerary and visit it at daylight.

It would be worth noting that there are actually three Red Light Districts. So, aside from de Wallen, there is also the Pijp and the one in the Singel area.

Typical Amsterdam-like Atmosphere

One of the reasons why Amsterdam is such a popular destination is due to its authentic, characteristic atmosphere, of course. This is why many people might be willing to book a flight and search for an Amsterdam airport transfer company on a whim. The narrow cobblestone streets, combined with the characteristic charming historic houses, it all screams Amsterdam.

Moving on to the controversial part of the Red Light District – there is a part of the district comprising of red-lit cabins occupied by women that facilitate sex services. With that in mind, this part of the district is focused exclusively on sex tourism. As a result, there are also peep shows, brothels, a condom shop and a sex museum. Aside from that, there is a hemp museum and a bunch of night clubs and coffee shops.

What’s Legal?

If you’ve made the decision to visit this rather controversial part of Amsterdam, then, you should get your facts straight beforehand. To that end, since 2000, prostitution has been legalized in Amsterdam. Nonetheless, massage parlours offering sex and street prostitution is illegal.

At the same time, you are not allowed to take photographs. This is actually forbidden. Moving on, if you do decide to visit this district, be wary of pickpockets. Due to the reputation of the district, it tends to attract a wide range of people – which increases the likelihood of pickpocketing. If someone calls you Charlie, and they want to offer you hard drugs, note that it isn’t legal. Now, considering that you want to smoke weed, you should go to a coffee shop to do that.

Now that you know what to expect of the Red Light District, you can proceed with booking a reliable airport transfer Schipol airport. Make sure you factor in our tips, though, before heading there – just to be on the safe side.

Sheri Croll Author