Top Three Cities For Romance

If you’re looking to get the spark back into your relationship then a romantic weekend away can help reaffirm your love for each other, away from the hum drum of everyday life. Some cities are more suited to couples than others so if you’re looking for love, head to some of the most popular cities renowned for their romantic settings.

If you’re on the hunt for pure romance then Paris has to be at the top of the list. The city is well known for its magical atmosphere that can get, even the most jaded of us, in the mood for love. If you’re heading to the city with a partner there are many beautiful sights to be seen. Simply take a walk through Paris together and you’ll find streets filled with candlelit restaurants, intimate cafés and the odd musician, ready to provide a romantic serenade. The city of Paris is a perfect place to fall madly in love.

To add a little fun to your relationship head to New York City where couples are king and excitement rules. There are plenty of great things to do and see here, so you’ll never get bored. What’s more, the city has some of the best hotels in the country so you can splash out and live the life of a celebrity for a few days. New York is famed for its fancy five star restaurants so eating out together is guaranteed to be an amazing experience. If you’re not holed up in your hotel room or hidden away in a restaurant then the a trip to the Empire state building will certainly provide you with fantastic views over the city and, when coupled with an extravagant meal, can turn a simple afternoon excursion into a romantic date for two. If your relationship is in bad need of some fun and energy then New York is definitely the place for you.

Rome is another city filled to the brim with romance. This historic capital city attracts lovers from across the globe with its sheer beauty and incredible history. The city is filled with secluded spots perfect for any couple looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of a busy town. A stroll along the Tiber River can be a lovely way to share an afternoon but the Trevi fountain is the must see attraction for any loving couple. This historic feature is said to bring you luck in impending marriages if you each throw in a coin, but don’t get too generous as throwing in a third is said to lead to divorce. Some of the best Rome hotels are set in the most romantic squares in the city so you and your partner can relax and unwind in beautiful surroundings.

Wherever you decide to go in search of romance be sure to leave plenty of quality time for you and your partner so you can fall madly in love all over again.

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